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Soft-spoken Singaporean Lady is Making Waves In Global Beer Brewing

Multi-award-winning local brewer Kim Wong pours her heart and soul into brewing champagne-like beer.

2 weeks ago

Commemorate The Mid-Year Mark With These Rising Hits

Fresh new bops by local and regional music artistes to kickstart the summer.

3 weeks ago

Bite Sized Beef: Local Restaurants, Bars & Dining Treats On Our List For April & May

While more restaurants are amping up their offerings, bars are also successfully transitioning to serve more great food.

2 months ago

Park Bench Deli is No Longer Sandwiched

Andrei Soen isn’t like some chef-owners who look you in the eye, tell you about how exacting their line of…

2 months ago

Bite Sized Beef: The Ultimate Festive Dining Guide For December

Our ultimate end-of-year guide covers everything from log cakes to tempura to a beef joint. Dig into our selection and…

6 months ago

Plentyfull Founder, Claudia Sondakh Finds Restoration in a Time of Covid

The food and social entrepreneur talks shifts in business direction , her secret to staying happy and formative moments about…

8 months ago

A Guide to Socialising in Singapore After Lockdown

These days, we are on the lookout for experiences that navigate between our concerns and our need to just have…

9 months ago

Transport to Rustic Maine with Luke’s Lobster Singapore’s Pioneer Stall

Southeast Asia's first sustainable-conscious lobster roll restaurant Luke's Lobster opens chain in Singapore.

9 months ago

Bite Sized Beef: Dining Guide for the New Normal in September & October

The choice is yours, from guilt-free work from home snacks to full-fledged meals to quirky statement mooncakes.

10 months ago

A Change Of Spirit: Jack Daniels and Hendrick’s, Rediscovered

The act of consuming alcohol has changed during the season of Covid-19, but the love for it remains the same.

11 months ago