Category: Culture

Oon Shu An Contemplates The Quandaries of Parenthood in Duncan Macmillan’s Lungs

"Lungs", a play by SRT on how a modern-day couple navigate the quandaries of starting a family opens tomorrow.

6 days ago

Julius Baer Spotlights the Best Digital Artworks in SEA

Fashioning the future of art with the inaugural Next Generation Art Prize.

1 week ago

How Maegzter Is Simplifying the Study of Art, One TikTok At A Time

Brand community builder by day, ArtToker by night.

2 weeks ago

Soft-spoken Singaporean Lady is Making Waves In Global Beer Brewing

Multi-award-winning local brewer Kim Wong pours her heart and soul into brewing champagne-like beer.

2 weeks ago

Commemorate The Mid-Year Mark With These Rising Hits

Fresh new bops by local and regional music artistes to kickstart the summer.

3 weeks ago

Abangsapau On Crocs and Keeping It Real

“If you don’t believe in your art, nobody else will.”

3 weeks ago

Kampung Collective Unites the Community Against Burnout

How can we preempt a burnout and how are they best resolved? Andee Chua reckons that support networks are important…

3 weeks ago

European Film Festival 2021: How A Woman Should Conduct

"Antonia wanted to conduct, I wanted to direct this movie. If I wouldn’t believe in this project, why would anyone…

1 month ago

People Trust Me To Make Cool Things

An intimate conversation about Singapore and Singaporean design, with the founder of cult brand A Laughing Tiger.

2 months ago

Rediscovering Six Singapore Post-Independence Artists at National Gallery Singapore

National Gallery Singapore presents the works of six Singapore post-independence artists who deserve greater public recognition.

2 months ago