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Oon Shu An Contemplates The Quandaries of Parenthood in Duncan Macmillan’s Lungs

"Lungs", a play by SRT on how a modern-day couple navigate the quandaries of starting a family opens tomorrow.

6 days ago

Breathe Second Life Into Your Old Wardrobe

A eco-friendly, sustainable fashion industry begins with small choices that start from home.

2 months ago

5 Underground Filipino Musicians You Need to Listen To

Many of the best musicians in the country live and work in the humid, sprawling seaside metropolis of Metro Manila.

3 months ago

Marcia Tan on Making It in Singapore’s Entertainment Industry

"Stay very focused. Just because you need to survive does not mean you should jump on to do anything."

8 months ago

Darker Than Wax’s Head Honchos On Influencing Global Trends

What strikes us about Darker Than Wax's underground selections is its ability to change the mood of the room through their…

1 year ago

Jazz Up Your Living Room With These Virtual Parties

Partying in PJs is the next best thing for staying sane during these trying times.

1 year ago

KEYANA Is Not Taking Anything Personally

Rising starlet, KEYANA's latest single "Save It" is inspired by a lost love.

1 year ago

THELIONCITYBOY Does Not Know How to Quit

Kevin Lester keeps the negativity at bay during the Covid-19 crisis and releases "Could Be Worse". To better days ahead.

1 year ago

Graham Perkins and Guji Lorenzana Bridge Artists Cross-Culturally With Gray Door Entertainment

Coronavirus has levelled the playing field between artists, opening more opportunity for cross-collaborations.

1 year ago