Author: Cally Cheung

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European Film Festival 2021: How A Woman Should Conduct

"Antonia wanted to conduct, I wanted to direct this movie. If I wouldn’t believe in this project, why would anyone…

3 months ago

Bite Sized Beef: Local Restaurants, Bars & Dining Treats On Our List For April & May

While more restaurants are amping up their offerings, bars are also successfully transitioning to serve more great food.

3 months ago

Bite Sized Beef: The Ultimate Festive Dining Guide For December

Our ultimate end-of-year guide covers everything from log cakes to tempura to a beef joint. Dig into our selection and…

8 months ago

A Guide to Socialising in Singapore After Lockdown

These days, we are on the lookout for experiences that navigate between our concerns and our need to just have…

10 months ago

Bite Sized Beef: Dining Guide for the New Normal in September & October

The choice is yours, from guilt-free work from home snacks to full-fledged meals to quirky statement mooncakes.

11 months ago

Bite Sized Beef: 10 Dining Options To Reshape How We Eat Post-Lockdown

These last few months have left everyone in a limbo, searching for avenues to express themselves. Some found it in…

1 year ago

Bite Sized Beef: 6 Takeaway & Delivery Options To Eat Better In April

From sustainable dining options to homegrown produce to home-cooked recipes, there is something for everyone even as we dine in…

1 year ago

Bite Sized Beef: 8 Great Dining & Takeout Options To Try In March

End the month on a high note with the delicious measures these restaurants are taking against growing restrictions and a…

1 year ago

Bite Sized Beef: 7 Cutting-Edge Dining Spots To Check Out In February

From hedonistic dining to newfangled zichar, our selection of dining spots where you can still celebrate in a time of…

1 year ago

Bar Cicheti x Ben Fatto: For The Love Of Local Pasta

The inaugural four-hands menu is a three-day affair of respecting old techniques, daring flavours, and a pledge towards zero waste.

1 year ago