Crafting a Better Tomorrow with Green Mobility

Leading automobile distributor, Cycle & Carriage Singapore, has launched a cutting-edge Electric Commercial Vehicle (ECV) hub at their Ubi Service Centre, designed to meet the evolving needs of consumers and businesses transitioning to electric vehicles. This new facility, located at 330 Ubi Road 3, spans 2,960 square feet and integrates an extensive range of ECVs with certified Electric Vehicle (EV) maintenance services.

The hub’s showroom displays a comprehensive lineup of ECVs, including the newly unveiled Maxus eDeliver 7, which complements the existing Maxus range such as the T90 Pickup truck, eDeliver 3, eDeliver 9, Citroën’s ë-Berlingo and ë-Dispatch. Alongside this, the service centre features 20 work bays and is staffed by certified EV specialists, offering a full range of maintenance services under one roof.

Electric Vehicle Trends

This launch is timely, addressing key consumer trends identified in a 2023 research study, commissioned by Cycle & Carriage. The study revealed that a significant portion of the population still lacks comprehensive knowledge about EVs. To bridge this gap, the new hub includes educational resources and expert consultations to raise awareness and confidence in EV technology.

Convenience is a top priority for consumers, with 46% indicating that the availability of charging points is a critical factor in their decision to purchase an EV, which our local government is committed to grow to 60,000 by 2030. Situated in the industrial zone of Ubi, the hub offers easy access for businesses and individuals alike, meeting this demand for accessibility. Additionally, the hub addresses concerns about maintenance and servicing costs, which were highlighted by 34% of consumers, by providing a full suite of services, including 24-hour roadside assistance, extended warranty programs, and field support.

Businesses benefit from tapping on to experienced automotive distributor’s expertise in commercial fleet sales, includes options to customize their ECVs to specific needs, such as branding or reconfiguring cargo space. Comprehensive aftersales solutions ensure that businesses can efficiently manage their ECV fleets. Ongoing success in securing large commercial tenders, such as the recent award from PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency, underscores their capability in meeting unique business requirements with their range of ECVs.

The hub’s launch aligns with Singapore’s Green Plan 2030, which includes initiatives like the Commercial Vehicle Emission Scheme (CVES) to incentivize the ownership of zero-emission vehicles. Owners of such vehicles, including the Maxus eDeliver 7 and T90 pickup truck, receive a one-time $15,000 rebate, reducing the total cost of ownership and encouraging businesses to adopt cleaner transport solutions.

With this new ECV hub, Cycle & Carriage Singapore demonstrates its commitment to supporting the transition to sustainable transportation. The hub’s strategic location, extensive range of services, and alignment with government incentives position it as a vital player in driving Singapore’s vision for a greener, more sustainable future.

Initiatives in Green Technology

Aligned with their Ambition 2039 plan, Mercedes-Benz, which is one of the cars distributed by Cycle & Carriage, aims to achieve full carbon neutrality by 2039, with a significant focus on electrified vehicles comprising the majority of their sales by 2030. To support this goal, Mercedes-Benz invested 10 billion euros in 2023 into researching and developing innovative materials and technologies that promote resource-conscious usage. As a testament to their commitment, all vehicles produced in Mercedes-Benz-owned plants have been manufactured on a carbon-neutral basis since 2022.

In Singapore, over 80 percent of Mercedes-Benz’s new car fleet features electrified drivetrains, backed by a comprehensive electric vehicle ecosystem. Sharing GREEN-HOUSE’s dedication to sustainability, Mercedes-Benz actively engages in community events that promote green living and sustainable lifestyles.

The “Crafting a Better Tomorrow” showcase brings Mercedes-Benz’s sustainability ambitions to life through a variety of curated experiences. One highlight is Circling Zero, a series of art installations created from discarded materials to spark conversations about upcycling, which is housed at the swanky new playground for creatives, New Bahru. As part of the line-up, happening for a limited time only, Mercedes-Benz Kantine by FURA offers a culinary experience focused on sustainability and creativity, and a display by brand partners Helinox showcases environmentally considerate product design and development.

Learn more about new technology, at Mercedes Benz’s event as part of GREEN-HOUSE this weekend and Cycle & Carriage’s sites.


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