Friendship as Defined by MacDonald’s for the Instagram Generation

McDonald’s Singapore is consistently innovating to engage with their customers, even redefining the notion of ‘friendship’ for millennials, to forge emotional connections with users, who normally take to social media, whenever something is shared or cross-shared.

Recently, the brand utilized Instagram’s “close friends” feature to announce the return of their popular McGriddles sandwiches. The Instagram “close friends” lists allow users to share exclusive content with a select group of followers on Instagram Stories, prompting excitement and curiosity, for others’ to share and re-share. Is such a transaction, clever marketing or real friendship?

Speculation about McDonald’s use of this feature began when influencer Darshen posted a screengrab on TikTok showing that he had been added to McDonald’s close friends list. This generated buzz and curiosity among followers, showcasing the brand’s effective use of social media.

More recently, McDonald’s Singapore has launched a unique promotional campaign to introduce its new non-spicy Chicken McCrispy menu item by sending fans on a hunt for hidden artworks around Singapore. The campaign, primarily run on Instagram, features four pieces of missing artwork hidden across Plaza Singapura and Funan.

Participants who find these artworks are rewarded with five free sets of two-piece Chicken McCrispy signature extra value meals. Within the first day of the two-day campaign, 45 winners had already been recorded.

McDonald’s Singapore plans to continue rolling out more activities to celebrate the new addition to their menu, including the latest 6 piece Chicken McCrispy, available from 2 – 4 July at only SGD 10, in all the crowd-favourite flavours, Signature, Spicy and Mix.


Explore latest trends in contemporary culture


Explore latest trends in contemporary culture