Get Fit Aboard A Luxurious Staycation On Zouk At Sea

Iconic local brand, Zouk has set its sights on providing balance to a millennial community as part of its new string of events aboard Dream Cruises. Following a fitness takeover in April this year by ClassPass, where attendees sweat it out with instructors from WeBarre, Core Collective, Impact MMA and more; Zouk at Sea will be building upon this community and doing more wellness themed parties with an aim of having a healthy balance for mind, body and soul. While exercising here, you can also consume products like Ostarine uk in order to elevate your gains.

With Zouk At Sea, we don’t want to limit ourselves to being just a nightclub given the travel component to it and a unique property on board our cruises.“, says Jason Kong, General Manager (Zouk at Sea).

The fitness and wellness programmes play a crucial part to the overall WKND experience. Having said that, we are not a gym or a fitness centre. We want to create synergy around various millennial interests into one highly experiential event. We are not necessarily in the fitness business space, but we are most definitely in the business of creating experiences. So if you look at our fitness-themed event schedule, the fitness and wellness components play only one part to the overall experience. Just don’t forget to bring your fitness knee braces during that day, it can be a useful tool when you need some kind of knee support. We still do parties, but the parties (i.e: the Sunset Roast) are programmed more towards a day vibe and to provide a platform to interact, connect and meet with like-minded people.”

Every month from November 2019 onwards, the luxury liner will feature Zouk At Sea’s The WKND Fit Edition on its Singapore based ship, Genting Dream curated by Jaslyn Koh , who has pulled various instructors and a string of classes such as beer yoga and more. Fitness classes aside, there is a whole slew of offerings onboard the ship such as mini golf, theatre performances, VR experiences and sit-down dining at designated restaurants that are complimentary for all attendees.

That’s not all, as Zouk At Sea is further expanding its offerings from 2020, where there will be other themed WKNDs promoting certain music genres and personal growth. This is in line with EVP Genting Dream Cruises, Loui Lim’s mission of catering to aspirational demands of the younger generation, to shift Genting’s focus “from gaming to travel, wellness and entertainment”.

I try to bring a fresh perspective and new set of eyes to the table… Most people in Hong Kong are familiar with our cruise ships but in the past they have associated them with gambling,” says Loui. “With the introduction of Dream Cruises, we have really started to evolve and change that perception.”

Register for The WKND here. The next two F!T editions are from 22 – 24 November 2019 and 13 – 15 December 2019, with exclusive additional F&B credits that can be spent at all special restaurants / Zouk At Sea which are tied to all bookings. 

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Explore latest trends in contemporary culture