Museum: Gore's New Japanese Name

Braving the bad weather, a dishevelled detective makes his way down a dank tunnel. Thus begins his descent into a spiral from which he might not be able to claw back out from.

2016 Museum
Watch Museum at your own risk

A kidnap victim has been devoured alive by famished dogs. Her entrails are drawing flies. The police are drawing blanks.

While the identity of the perpetrator is a complete toss up and his colleague Nishino throws up, gutsy Detective Sawamura is zealously gathering evidence in attempt to piece together the serial killer’s sick puzzle, before graver consequences ensue.

Haruka Sawamura 2016 Museum
Machiko Ono as Haruka Sawamura

If you fancy this a tantalising opening sequence for a film, Museum is a must-watch for you, because director Keishi Ohtomo is evidently the new face of fear.

Keishi Ohtomo 2016 Museum
Director Keishi Ohtomo

Executed with perfect pace and suspense, Museum comes nowhere near rehashing American horror genre ideas in a Japanese setting.

Ohtomo is a little too good with the thriller-horror genre, whose psyche and mental wellness a cinemagoer might question while watching Museum, throughout which Ohtomo dangles a sword of Damocles over protagonists whom he has mindfully endeared to you.

Hisashi Sawamura 2016 Museum
Shun Oguri as Hisashi Sawamura

Bolstered by an infallible cast, Museum plays the familiar overture that Se7en and the Saw series played, but to nightmarish precision that engulfs the viewer with a petrifying grip.

Museum (2016)
Directed by Keishi Ohtomo
Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller, Gore, Horror
Running time: 132 minutes
Rating: 4.5/5 stars

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