The Finger Players: Embracing The New With Arms Wide Open

It is common for local theatre companies to open their season with three to four productions spread throughout the year. This practice has been adopted by many big players in the theatre industry, and is nearly common practice. After all, there are only so many theatre shows one person can sit through in a month right?

The Finger Players are here to challenge both that notion as well as themselves by kicking off their very first season of 2016 with not one, but three back-to-back productions in April! With completely fresh material, theatregoers will definitely be pampered silly with an exciting calendar in the upcoming month.

The Finger Players are a local theatre company that pride themselves in bringing a unique brand of puppetry as well as unconventional works to the local scene. From iconic works such as “0501” to “Seed”, the company has earned themselves international recognition with their craft and fusion of tradition into the contemporary. The three works to be staged – “The Collectors”, “Inheritance”, and “The Truth About Lying: Heresy and Common Sense For The Theatre” – promise the same level of dedication and commitment, all while breaking new ground.

What would be more seductive than the promise of new theatrical forms, new stories, and cross-boundary collaborations?

The Collectors

The Collectors will be the very first show to kickstart this exciting season.

Performed in multiple languages within the pockets of Centre 42‘s grounds, this site-specific piece is a multi-disciplinary work featuring puppeteers and designers from Hong Kong, China, and Singapore. Together with visual and sound artists, this specially-selected group of performers will take you through an intricate weaving of memories.

Immerse yourself on a journey as they question and articulate the notion of loss in culture clashes and the discipline of their craft.

The next two shows champion Watch This Space – a two-year director mentorship programme by local playwright Chong Tze Chien, with both productions directed by the mentees of the programme.

Inheritance tells the tale of two sisters and their mother as they explore their familial relationships with each other. Is it ever possible to give up on family? When nothing binds them anymore, what is left? Or can they never ever leave each other behind?

The Truth About Lying

Lastly, The Truth About Lying: Heresy and Common Sense for The Theatre is the closing production in this exciting line-up.

It will be performed entirely in English, and is a co-devised piece of work by the team. This confessional piece will showcase the voices of both young acting professionals and theatre veterans, who invite the audience to appreciate their love for theatre, even when stakes are high and obstacles get in the way. Maybe this is a glimpse into the truth of what it is like to be a performer in this day and age on local shores.

With all three productions sharing stories of different people and places, here is an open invitation for everyone to step into someone else’s shoes and open up their minds to new possibilities through theatre.


Dates: From 1 April 2016
Prices: $35 (student and group concessions available)
Venue: Various Venues
Ticketing: SISTIC at 6348 5555 or


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