5th Southeast Asian Film Festival: A Showcase Of Regional Films

The Southeast Asian Film Festival is here! For its fifth year running, the festival will showcase new and exciting cinematic work from the region of Southeast Asia, films not typically seen in local cinemas.

The films shown come from genres in action, comedy, documentary and drama, among others. With its focus on up and coming works from the region, one can expect films from Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam as well as our very own Singapore.

Among the films to be featured include The Look Of Silence, a new documentary by filmmaker Joshua Oppenheimer. It acts as a form of sequel to the controversial documentary film The Act Of Killing that he, too, made in 2012.

Other highlights include independent local film Fundamentally Happy co-directed by Tan Bee Thiam and Looi Wanping, based on an award-winning theatre drama. The film features cinematography by Christopher Doyle, whose works are seen in some of Hong Kong auteur Wong Kar Wai’s most notable films.

Along with the films will be post-screening Q&As with the directors and filmmakers themselves at selected sessions, discussions that will provide an insight into the core issues and concerns of Southeast Asia. Aspiring filmmakers and film enthusiasts alike will have a unique opportunity to hear directly from them about their journey in seeing their works come to fruition.

Celebrate the culture and spirit of independent filmmaking in Southeast Asia and get ready to mingle with fellow art and film enthusiasts in the festival.

Festival details
Venue: Singapore Art Museum
Dates: 10 April to 03 May 2015
Tickets: $10 per film screening, available from SISTIC

For more info on the festival, films and session timings, check out the website!


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Explore latest trends in contemporary culture