10 Colours in 10 Masterpieces

The first thing that comes to mind when confronted with a monochrome palette is colour. So, when this particular compendium of art pieces by Joanne Pang reached me, it was all I could think of. This month, we dive into a kaleidoscope in search of 10 hues unheard of to pair with 10 masterpieces of hers.

The Artist

Twenty-eight and making a name for her art, Joanne Pang is a force to reckon with. Not only is she an artist, graphic designer and photographer, she’s also a co-founder of YUNRUBIN, an “artistic discourse”. The works of this Singapore Design Awards Gold medallist (2012) have travelled vastly from Singapore to Finland, Denmark and the UK.

genius - this word is not even scratching the surface of what this entire project means

The series of images you’re about to see are all from her ongoing Drink Some Clouds collection, which seeks to translate everyday moments into abstract illustrations. In 2010, Joanne exhibited them in a void deck at Ang Mo Kio because heaven forbid void decks should remain uninhabited, save for a couple of wandering uncles and tired construction workers. (A word to the wise: This is far too ingenious an idea to ignore. Translation: Replicate it repeatedly.)

The Art

Colour #1: “A patriotic pretence” Red

Colour #2: “Makes you want to gag” Mustard

Colour #3: “Black hair under the sun” Brown (Otherwise known as “Wishful Thinking”)

Colour #4: “Monday No-fun-day” Blue

Colour #5: “Soothing scent, my ass” Lavender

Colour #6: “Jealous Hulk” Green

Colour #7: “Breast cancer, free love and every other movement” Pink

Colour #8: “Under the cartoon sea” Turquoise (Or, “Kids: They take everything literally”)

Colour #9: “Can’t rhyme” Orange (Also known as “Not that big of an Eminem fan, are we?”)

Colour #10: “Every colour mashed together” Black

To get a taste of Joanne’s other, non-monochromatic art pieces, click here.

Disclaimer: All the above hues exist only in this writer’s head. Don’t quote her unless it’s for fun.

Photo credit: Joanne Pang


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Explore latest trends in contemporary culture