8 Archifest Activities for Everyone

2014 marks the eighth year for Archifest, returning with a theme of Crowd that looks into the relationship between architecture and the people. Organised by Singapore Institute of Architects, it runs from Sept 26 to Oct 11.

Here before you is a curation of eight events, a mixture of Archifest’s Urban Lab workshops and fringe activities, for every type of person out there from bookworms to audiophiles.

For the artistic soul:

1. Ballpoint Also Can 

Photo credit: Andre Wee

Who needs a ten-dollar paint brush from Art Friend? It is not the tools with which you create a piece of art that matters; it is the art itself. Making clear this very point is this workshop where you learn to draw with a ballpoint pen. While it’s a tool used predominantly by doodling hands, these writing instruments are not to be dismissed by the serious artist either.

When: Oct 11 (10am – 12pm)
Where: Archifest Pavilion

For the craftsman:

2. Concrete Casting 

Photo credit: Desinere
Photo credit: Desinere

Get your hands dirty with concrete in this workshop by Singapore-based design company Desinere (specialising in furniture and bespoke pieces). The agenda of the day is to fashion a tea light holder – and albeit it may not have much use in your house, you could wrap it up as a gift instead.=

When: Sept 27 (10am – 12pm)
Where: Archifest pavilion

3. Make Your Own Copper Pipe Lamp 

Photo credit: Make Your Own

These days, an industrial-styled home is a much-coveted one. Give your private quarters that extra grunge, starting by replacing your mass-produced lamp with one you built yourself. Experiment with copper-bending with Make Your Own, who’ll be giving out limited edition wood tags as well.

When: Oct 6 (2pm – 6pm)
Where: Archifest Pavilio 

For the tree hugger:

4. Home Farming 

Photo credit: The Wholesome Co.

In this city-state where the buildings stretch across the skyline, there’s hardly any space for vast, countryside greenery. But that doesn’t stop The Wholesome Co. from igniting a new passion for home-grown crops. If you crave for your own HDB-friendly mini farm, allow them to impart you with the knowledge and tools (upcycled, no less).

When: Sept 28, Oct 6 (10am – 12pm)
Where: Archifest Pavilion

For the bookworm: 

5. Bookfair by Basheer Graphic Books 

Photo credit: Basheer Graphic Books

From the Bras Basah Complex comes the famed design-centric book store, Basheer Graphic Books. Drop by to browse through their selection of titles that tie in with Archifest’s theme of crowds and people.

When: Sept 29 – Oct 1 (10am – 6pm)
Where: ArchXpo, MBS Expo & Convention Hall D & E

6. Talk & Book Signing by Moshe Safdie

Photo credit: Tracy Powell

Ever wondered who’s responsible for the design of Marina Bay Sands? Meet the man himself – Moshe Safdie, an Israeli-Canadian architect, whose work spans continents. Hear him speak and get a load of his moustache game while you’re at it.

When: Oct 2 (6pm – 8pm)
Where: Archifest Pavilion

For the audiophile:

7. Listening to Spaces: The Soundscape + Soundwalking 

Photo credit: Zai Tang
Photo credit: Zai Tang

Engage your ears for a bit of acoustic ecology. Separated into two parts, this activity will be hosted by sound designer Zai Tang. Learn about the role of noise and music in our interactions with our environment. In the second session, he’ll be talking about the soundscapes of exhibit FUGUE 1, 3, 5, 7.

When: Part 1, Oct 4, Oct 11 (2pm – 3pm) & Part 2, Oct 11 (3.15pm – 4pm)
Where: Archifest Pavilion

8. FUGUE 1, 3, 5, 7 

Photo credit: HCFA
Photo credit: HCFA

At its core, FUGUE 1, 3, 5, 7 showcases the greater power and purpose of individual objects when congregated. The object of interest, in this case, is the plastic stool found commonly in coffee shops. Stacked up to form walls, the chairs create a maze, with different sections featuring different soundscapes (courtesy of Zai Tang).

When: Sept 26 – Oct 11
Where: Archifest Pavilion

Archifest 2014 runs from Sept 26 to Oct 11 at the Marina Bay Sands Event Plaza, Expo & Convention Centre. Find out more here. 

Cover image courtesy of Archifest.


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