10 Vices in 10 Masterpieces

This edition of In 10 Masterpieces sees the art of a Singaporean female in her twenties. Desolate as the underlying themes of her works, one would often associate vices with issues of a severe kind: Drug abuse, smoking, etc.

Here, however, is an attempt at considering 10 alternative vices, paired with 10 masterpieces by the said artist.

The Artist

A child of the ‘90s, Allison Marie Low is a young and adroit artist worth watching. Her masterpieces extend beyond her years, exploring both the tender and the harrowing. If you’re familiar with the works of local experimental/post-rock band 7nightsatsea, you might spot their cover art lurking somewhere in this article.

Featured by Kult Gallery, Conclave and Lomography Singapore, it’s easy to see the appeal in the art pieces of this fine arts undergraduate. Christened “oddlings”, the following masterpieces are in the artist’s words:

…an articulation of the intangible aspects of childhood. Dealing with emotional trauma, unconscious desire and loneliness, personal childhood memories and experiences are analysed and expressed in a corrupt idea of ‘play’.

The Art

Vice #1: Deciding to start work immediately, but telling yourself to satisfy your thirst or hunger first, then read your emails, followed by a quick check for notifications from Facebook, Twitter, Ask.fm, and Tumblr. In other words, procrastination.


Vice #2: “I may look calm, but in my head I’ve killed you about a thousand times.” Violence isn’t always physical.


Vice #3: Selfies, selcas, or in superfluous consumption, narcissism.


Vice #4: Self-deprecation. Some shove it off as mere modesty only to have it blossom into the ugliest of beliefs. One minute you’re joking about personal inadequacies; the next minute you’ve developed a debilitating psychological complex.


Vice #5: Working too hard and too much. They say to stop and smell the roses, but when you don’t notice the roses, the grass, or even the pavement on which you traverse, be careful not to step onto anything sharp.


Vice #6: The addiction to instant gratification. This is probably the reason why we’ve stopped using snail mail as a form of casual conversation, why five minutes of inactivity feels like an hour, why teleportation sounds so incredibly enticing.


Vice #7: Chocolate. I’m inclined to believe that about 99.99% of the population would agree.


Vice #8: Any of the five C’s we’re so accustomed to—Cat videos, Candy Crush, Cumberbatch, Caffeine, and as always, Cash.


Vice #9: The opposite sex. Does it really matter if you’re attached? They stand irresistible either way and only a clear head could remain rational without drifting into the clouds.


Vice #10: Alcohol. With the right amount, you’re looking at the key to the stimulation of creativity, the type that would inspire works of art such as the one below.


If you’re rapt by these pieces of art, drop by Allison’s site and explore. You might find her dabbling in the literary arts as well.

Photo credit: Allison M. Low


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