Life! Theatre Awards 2014: Our Predictions

Production of the Year

12 Angry Men — Nine Years Theatre
For Better Or For Worse — Checkpoint Theatre
Illogic — Cake Theatrical Productions
Next To Normal — Pangdemonium Productions (Prediction)
Rabbit Hole —  Pangdemonium Productions

Why: It has all the ingredients for a triumphant theatre piece: A prodigy powerhouse (Julia Abueva), a West End star (Sally Ann Triplett), classic Broadway numbers, a deftly dazzling set, a superb use of lighting, a story as psychotic as it is moving, and a supporting cast as gifted as the main.

Best Director

Dreamplay: Asian Boys Vol. 1 — W!ld Rice’s Ivan Heng (Prediction)
12 Angry Men — Nine Years Theatre’s Nelson Chia
Citizen Pig — The Finger Players’ Oliver Chong & Liu Xiaoyi
Next To Normal — Pangdemonium Productions’ Tracie Pang
Rabbit Hole — Pangdemonium Productions’ Tracie Pang

Why: The decision to stage a play encircling homosexuality is, in itself, an expedient choice for a year that has been rather bright for the LGBT members of society, especially with Pink Dot 2013’s record turnout. The only thing smarter than the video projections is the casting of Jo Kukathas.

Best Original Script

Citizen Pig — Oliver Chong & Liu Xiaoyi (Prediction)
For Better Or For Worse — Faith Ng
Illogic — Natalie Hennedige
Kakak Kau Punya Laki — Alfian Sa’at

Why: When there’s nothing but a few chairs and two thespians delivering a duologue on stage, you can be sure the script is at the helm of much of the play’s success or failure. Tackling a somewhat offbeat topic at the same time, it’s even more a challenge to present it in Mandarin. Lucky for Citizen Pig, it was a challenge well-conquered.

Best Actor

Adrian Pang — Next To Normal
Adrian Pang — Rabbit Hole
Jeffrey Low — 12 Angry Men (Prediction)
Nejib Soiman — Kakak Kau Punya Laki
Tay Kong Hui — 12 Angry Men

Best Actress

Edith Podesta — Illogic 
Janice Koh — Rabbit Hole 
Janice Koh — The Optic Trilogy 
Jean Ng — For Better Or For Worse (Prediction)
Noorlinah Mohamed — Illogic

Best Supporting Actor

Eden Ang — Rabbit Hole 
Johnny Ng — 12 Angry Men (Prediction)
Nathan Hartono — Next To Normal

Best Supporting Actress

Seong Hui Xuan — Rabbit Hole
Serene Chen — 8 Women (Prediction)
Sharda Harrison — The Crucible

Best Ensemble

12 Angry Men — Nine Years Theatre
Cook A Pot Of Curry — W!ld Rice
Dreamplay: Asian Boys Vol. 1 — W!ld Rice
Family Duet — spell#7 (Prediction)

Best Set Design

Jack & The Bean-Sprout — W!ld Rice’s Ian Bailie
Illogic — Cake Theatrical Productions’ Neon Tights
Gruesome Playground Injuries — Pangdemonium Productions’ Philip Engleheart
Next To Normal — Pangdemonium Productions’ Philip Engleheart (Prediction)
12 Angry Men — Nine Years Theatre’s Wong Chee Wai

Best Sound Design

Illogic — Cake Theatrical Productions’ Philip Tan (Prediction)
Serendipity (Decimal Points: First Station) — Cake Theatrical Productions’ Philip Tan
Family Duet — spell#7’s Zai Kuning

Best Lighting Design

Illogic — Cake Theatrical Productions’ Andy Lim
Next To Normal — Pangdemonium Productions’ James Tan (Prediction)
Dreamplay: Asian Boys Vol. 1 — W!ld Rice’s Mac Chan

Best Costume Design

12 Angry Men — Nine Years Theatre’s Anthony Tan
Illogic — Cake Theatrical Productions’ David Lee (Prediction)
Crazy Christmas Ting Tong Belles — Dream Academy’s Frederick Lee
Next To Normal — Pangdemonium Productions’ Philip Engleheart

Photo credit: Cake Theatrical Productions


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