Photo Essay: What You Missed At Art Stage Singapore

Eight country-specific platforms, 158 galleries, four days, and 15 photos. With the conclusion of Art Stage Singapore’s 4th annual art fair, we’ve compiled a mini digital photo book of a few artworks you might have missed.

Rachel Kneebone, “Shield IV”, 2010
Fred Tomaselli, “Untitled”, 2013
Keiji Ito, “Psychedelic Fizz (Garden)”, 2013
Art Seasons Gallery: A chicken sculpture made of different animal parts
Lee Jinju, “Mandle”, 2012
DOLK, “Goldrush”, 2013
Satoshi Ohno, “Blue Marine”, 2013
Shen Jingdong, “Ten Years of Blue”, 2013
Feng Zhengjie, “Chinese Portrait”, 2008
Jigger Cruz, “Broken Sunday”, 2013
Lin Hung-Hsin, “City Mist”, 2013
Yuji Honbori, “Vaiśravaṇa”, 2013
Yayoi Kusama, “Lemon Squash”, 1991
Yunizar, “Veteran Bintang”, 2014
Jan Fabre, “Skull with Mole”, 2012

Photo credit: Angela Low


Explore latest trends in contemporary culture


Explore latest trends in contemporary culture