Johnny Depp is arguably one of the leading men of Hollywood. One of the rare breed of actors who takes on an entirely different character in almost every role he plays – and he nails them. The dedication he has for his craft is beyond any Hollywood actors.

Versatile Depp

He was literally trampled upon by his horse he was riding while fiming!

The Lone Ranger is no exception. A remake of an American classic TV sitcom from 1949 about a dashing/charming masked hero (John Reid) and his Native American sidekick (Tonto), the 2013 cut has an increased focus on Tonto. At the helm of the film is Gore Verbinski – the genius behind the (soon to be oversold) Pirates franchise.

To keep the film as authentic as possible to the Native Americanism, consultants were brought onto set to make Tonto as realistic as possible. An Old West Town was even specially built, complete with rail tracks, to add to the realness of the sets on locations!

The first time I saw the trailer I could hardly recognize the brilliant Depp at all behind the make-up and costume. Talk about getting into character! I only realized it was Mr Depp only when his name flashed onto the screen! From then, I couldn’t wait for the movie to open in cinemas.

Armie Hammer as John Reid & Johnny Depp as Tonto
(Photo Credit: Disney)

No huge spoilers here – but as with all Disney films – The Lone Ranger has a (relatively) happy ending to it. That’s pretty much my qualms about Disney films. That being said, The Lone Ranger is an excellent production. The use of flash-forwarding in the film was quite smartly used. At the beginning of the film, there was a scene of a bank robbery which left me baffled and wondering what was going on! However, as the movie went on, elements started clicking and things started to fall into place and the robbery scene began making sense.

There’s quite a few instances of flash-forwards being used in the film and were nicely littered throughout the 150 minute movie.

The Lone Ranger
(Photo Credits: Disney)

What I love about a movie starring Johnny Depp is that we are always in for a treat. His illustrious, exclusive gang made up of Tim Burton, Helena Bonham Carter and honorary member Hans Zimmer – never strays too far from the pack. In The Lone Ranger, we get Depp, Carter and Zimmer.

With Hans Zimmer leading the direction of the soundtrack, it is a nothing short of WOW! Loved the occasional cheesy Wild West  inspired tune and it breathed much life into the film and added a whole new dimension to the already great film.

Delivering comical and dramatic in the movie, Depp, needless to say, produced an impressive performance as Tonto. Although I couldn’t help it but compare Tonto to Jack Sparrow – only because of similar costumes! (feathers and face paint!)

I’ve got to say this about Helena Bonham Carter. She is seriously one of the most underrated actress in the industry. Although the Commander of the Order of the British Empire had a small role as a brothel madam, she kicked some serious butt!

Helena Bonham Carter as Red Harrington
(Photo Credit: Disney)

And then we have Armie Hammer. Hi there, Mr Hottie. Hammer played the wide-eyed title character almost perfectly. His naiveness was a first time ranger and more often than not, not even realizing the amount of danger he is in. The team of Depp and Hammer was a stellar one!

Armie Hammer as John Reid
(Photo Credit: Disney)

Definitely a contender for top 5 movies of 2013.

Here’s the trailer for The Lone Ranger:

The Lone Ranger opens in theaters on the 3rd of July.