Creators of Successful Web Series “The Outs” Embark on Another Project

We love the folks who did web series “The Outs” so much that we covered it here, despite production being held halfway around the globe in New York. (Well, the web has international appeal, no?)

While “The Outs”‘ acclaimed plot focused on the lives of gay couples as they survive through the trials and tribulations of living atypically in Brooklyn, writer and director Adam Goldman is producing a new web show and bringing back the beloved actors of the former web series.

“Whatever this is.” is a new web series about what we all can identify with — doing those odd jobs that barely pay pennies before breaking in and making it big on that one gig that lands into a pot of gold. Sam (Hunter Canning) and Ari (Dylan Marron) are production assistants working on low or unpaid jobs at a small production company. They barely have the time they need to pursue other ambitions and keep track of their personal lives and relationships with others. In comes Sam’s girlfriend (Lisa; played by Madeline Wise) who lands a summer gig that proves to be the one that will set her on track but doubt soon begins to surface.

With six days to go, the team have raised more than $62,000 so far on their Kickstarter page. They need to raise $150,000 to meet their Kickstarter goal and receive the funding they need for the project. The money will go towards funding the activities of the 35 cast and crew that make up the web series team. Six episodes will be shot; two have already been filmed.

Sound designer Doug Anderson said to Popspoken that the new web series will be similar to “The Outs” “in terms of shape, sensibility, and funding model, but this time we’re aiming for a bigger budget and a higher—dare I say TV-level—quality of production.”

“The transition we’re making right now embodies the current trends that are revolutionizing the media landscape: lines between TV and web content are blurring, crowd-funding is becoming more legitimate, minorities often relegated to one-dimensional sidekick roles are taking center stage,” said Doug to Popspoken.

“…lines between TV and web content are blurring, crowd-funding is becoming more legitimate…” – Doug Anderson

Watch the trailer here:

Connect with “Whatever this is.” on Facebook here. Contribute to their Kickstarter page with a donation here.

Photo: Facebook/Whatever this is.


Explore latest trends in contemporary culture


Explore latest trends in contemporary culture