Oh Channing, Channing, People Magazine Sexiest Man Alive – what wrong can you do? He did his ‘thang and shimmy-ed and shook his way in his element in Magic Mike and now he flexes his guns in an action thriller – White House Down.

Channing Tatum

White House Down is your all typical American movie where the presidency is compromised and there is an all-out attack on the government of the United States of America (cue Olympus Has Fallen earlier this year). Well, with the exception that the terrorists this time round was a group of disgruntled Americans instead of a foreign group. The plot is highly predictable without any major twists or surprises. Certain details in the movie was a dead giveaway – for instance – when we found out who orchestrated the entire assault on the White House.

White House Down
Photo Credit: Sony Pictures

The 131-minute display of American military might and prowess was littered with cheesiness. I love how intense a fight scene or gun battle shoot-out ALWAYS kills everyone but not the protagonist – when he is clearly in the line of fire. Its amazing how Tatum can walk out of it all at the end with just a scratch on his arm! Or maybe it is all part of a ploy for Tatum to flex his guns and guns – I’m sure the ladies ain’t complaining!

In another scene (spoiler art!), the President of The United States (POTUS), played by Jamie Foxx, was shielded against a bullet shot with an object 1/4 the size of his palm. What are the odds of someone aiming a gun at your heart and you so happen to have something on you to block the bullet? Come on Hollywood!

Weirdly enough, the action-packed, bullets flying and aircraft filled production was packed with humorous punchlines throughout. It was enjoyable for a couple of times but after awhile, it was just a case of trying too hard. Its an action movie, not a comedy, thank you very much.

Credit: Sony Pictures

Just to establish a fact – Channing Tatum is not an outstanding actor in anyway. Hardcore fans would probably agree with me on this as well. That said, his performance in this flick is no different and he provides nothing more than a pretty face and a hot bod.

Then we have Mr Jamie Foxx. Where do I begin? The Academy Award and Golden Globe winner looked all out-of-sorts in his role as the POTUS. Other than pointing out the obvious that it mirrors the race of the incumbent POTUS, there is nothing much to say. Once again, it was a case of trying too hard – trying too hard to emulate Obama himself. There were glimpses of Obama-isque vibes in Foxx’s display and he never really did settle in comfortably into his role of the most important man on earth.

Last but definitely not least, we have Maggie Gyllenhaal. I cannot say how much I adore this lady enough. She is one of the most underrated actress in Hollywood and deserves more recognition. It was clear that she displayed the most poise and experience on the set of White House Down. She was that industrial-strength glue that bonded the entire show together.

Maggie Gyllenhaal as Carol Finnerty
Photo Credit: Sony Pictures

All that being said, White House Down has an incredible pace – kudos to the scriptwriters and producers for keeping the audience engaged throughout the 2hr 11min guilty pleasure. Definitely not a must-watch movie, but hey, if you’re a fan of the lead actor, he can be your Channing to your Tatum.

Check out the official trailer here:

White House Down opens in theaters island wide June 27.