I vividly remember the first time I was ever introduced to the intriguing world of STOMP was in secondary school (almost 10 years ago!). My music teacher spent a couple of lessons exposing the sheer genius that was created with just the performer’s bodies and everyday, ordinary objects to us, wide-eyed kids. We even tried grabbing random objects around the classroom and tried miserably to harmonize. All we created was noise compared to the art form the performers perfected.

In comparison, the almost 2 hour extravagant that the 8 performers put up on the opening night of the Singapore production of STOMP was mind-blowing and dazzling. From the moment the first performer set foot on the stage till the last performer left, the energy they displayed was electrifying and oh-so-infectious!

The 8 incredible performers did not just put up an extraordinary musical performance with ordinary everyday objects you barely notice. From supermarket trolleys to basketballs and newspaper, the cast blew our minds. I’ve honestly not seen the audience cheer this many times in a performance before. If I could get a dollar for everytime “OMG” or “WOW” crossed my mind, I woud have been a millionaire by the end of the show.


Two particular acts left me reeling my jaw off the ground:

First was where the cast started playing in metal tins and all of a sudden they were flinging them across the stage to a fellow cast member. The tins looked capable of giving one a concussion if it hit you on the head. The precision of every single throw was perfected right down to the amount of strength required to travel the distance – amazing stuff.

Second – an act that had the entire cast line up in the dark and playing with Zippo lighters. The speed and synchrony at which they were able to coordinate the lighting up and patterns to follow was astonishing. THIS you have to watch it and be wow-ed.

What I could not comprehend was how on earth did the entire cast survive the more than 100-minute display without any intermission or prolonged break! Throughout the show they jump, dance, run, carry heavy instruments – you name it, they’ve done it. It is as if they were made of steel. Act after act, they re-emerge looking more enthusiastic and energetic than the last. This right here is the hallmark of an excellent performer, to give your all in everything you do on stage.

The amount of work and practice that goes into such a performance is intense. To drill till perfection the synchrony of the choreography (to the point where one miscalculated move could land any of the crew in the ER) and to train the stamina of the performers is commendable.

The sheer brilliance of the entire show and the coherence of the entire production easily makes STOMP one of the frontrunners of the best-show in 2013. STOMP is guaranteed  to blow your mind. Heck, they blew the roof of the Sands Theatre!

Check out the flash mob that the STOMP cast unleashed onto Marina Bay Sands!

STOMP is now showing at Marina Bay Sands Mastercard Theatre for ONE WEEK ONLY from 18-23 June 2013.

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