The 2013 MTV Movie Awards: Who’ll Take Home the Popcorn Bucket?

What better way to revive the award season with MTV and their always-over-the-top award shows? Known for their twisted humour and unique award categories, the MTV Movie Awards is set to make a splash on local television on April 15 and this year’s ceremony will be hosted by Rebel Wilson (in case you need to jog your memory at this point, Rebel’s the one who presented an award with The Wanted at the VMAs last year in nothing but a bikini-printed T-shirt and her sense of humour).

Rebel Wilson, the host for this year's awards
Rebel Wilson, the host for this year’s awards

Leading the pack are Django Unchained and Ted with 7 nominations each, followed closely by The Silver Linings Playbook with 6 nominations. Here’s who we think will get to take home the one-of-a-kind, popcorn bucket award this year.

Movie of the Year

Twilight fans across the globe are preparing to march in protest to the MTV offices as we speak. The Twilight Saga, a once mighty phenomenon at the MTV Movie Awards, has been snubbed in almost all the categories this year, including Movie of the Year. Somewhere Robert Pattinson is heaving a sigh at the prospect of not having to take to the stage with Kristen Stewart to put on yet another awkward scene between the two. The Silver Linings Playbook may have done well at the Oscars, but the crowd at MTV is a whole different ball game. Chances are that this movie will get left behind in favour of Django Unchained. With great action, swift dialogue and touchy subject matter, Django Unchained is the perfect choice for Movie of the Year at a place like MTV.

Best Female Performance

This category is the going to turn out to the most unpredictable of the lot. With giants like Anne Hathaway, Emma Watson and Jennifer Lawrence nominated, whoever wins is cutting it real close. Our money’s on Rebel Wilson, the underdog, taking home the trophy for her performance in Pitch Perfect and for being an awesome host.

Best Male Performance

Let’s hope Ben Affleck has got his “good luck beard” still on because Argo’s got some stiff competition here (the majority of it from the stiff abs of Channing Tatum in Magic Mike). At the end of the day, however, no matter how much the people want to vote for the abs Channing Tatum, Argo’s got the upper hand here with better directing, scriptwriting and subject material.

Best Shirtless Performance

Taylor Lautner saves the day for The Twilight Saga by bringing in the lone nomination for the movie. Its abs junior Taylor Lautner versus abs senior Channing Tatum here but just because Twilight isn’t nominated doesn’t mean that Team Jacob is sitting on the beach sippin’ orange juice. No, they’re camping in front of their computer screens to make sure that Taylor Lautner sans shirt comes out at the top.

Best Fight

Christian Bale as the Dark Knight put on a heck of a fight but the sheer grandeur of the fight put up by the heroes of The Avengers who get hurt a million times but never seem to kick the bucket is going to shoot the movie straight to the top of this category.

Best Kiss

Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper. ‘Nuff said.

Best WTF Moment

There’s some really good moments here but nothing beats a button-nosed teddy bear putting on a, er, performance, for the cashier in Ted.

Best Villain

Everyone’s villainy pales in comparison to that of Leonardo DiCaprio in Django Unchained for his character, Calvin Candie, that everyone unanimously seems to find appalling. Candie literally hacks open another dead man’s skull on the dinner table just to prove his point. That just has to earn him a nod for Best Villain.

Aside from these categories, Emma Watson will be receiving the Trailblazer Award (well-deserved, we must say) and Jamie Foxx will accept the Generation Award. Catch a post-Justin Bieber Selena Gomez strut her stuff when she performs her new single “Come and Get It”, live on stage for the first time. The on-and-off beau of Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth will be on hand to premiere the first clips from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire as will Robert Downey Jr. for a first look at Iron Man 3 (yes, they are making another one, again).

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