Exclusive Interview with Fiona Kirk from the Nutcracker on Ice

Fiona Kirk plays the character of Mrs Pavlova, Marie’s mother, in the brilliant performance, Nutcracker on Ice. Popspoken’s curator, Abigail, was fortunate to have been able to review the performance as well as interview the amazingly talented and beautiful Fiona.

Fiona was born and brought up in Cape Town, South Africa, where she started skating at the age of 7. She went on to represent RSA in many international competitions including the World Figure Skating Championships. She was also a South Africa National Dance Champion for many years. In 1995, Fiona joined Hot Ice and toured worldwide. In 2002, she then joined the European Theme Park in Germany and remained there until joining The Imperial Ice Stars in 2011.She has performed in Swan Lake on Ice, most recently at the Royal Albert Hall in London. How I longed to be like her!

Fiona is the Imperial Ice Stars’ aerial performer and has been performing aerial acts since 2006 with her fiancé, Volodymyr Khodakivskyy, who coincidentally also plays her onstage partner, Mr. Pavlova, Marie’s father. The chemistry between this pair of skaters was undeniable when I saw them performed on stage and now I can fully comprehend why! It must be a great joy to be able to tour the world with one’s fiance and to partake in this delightful piece of art together.

Below are the verbatim replies from my exclusive interview with the lovely Fiona.

What made you decide to join the Nutcracker on Ice?

I think that every professional always aspires to work in the best show and company on the circuit. For us, that was Imperial Ice Stars.

I am a figure skater and I know how hard it is to be a good skater. What drives you to skate?

It would have to be love of the sport and love for my job. I enjoy what I do every minute on the ice.

Who is your inspiration in the figure skating world? Was he or she the reason why you started skating?

I am always inspired by the grace and beauty of the Russian ice dancers. But no, I actually started skating since young after attending a friend’s birthday party held at the local ice rink in Cape Town.

What qualities make you a successful figure skater?

Determination and the will to achieve. Also, a bit of bravery because it hurts a lot when you fall *laughs*

How do you prepare before a show?

I try to do a little warm-up, just to get the brain working together with the body. But we have rehearsals every day so we don’t need too much preparation before the show. Sometimes a cup of latte helps! *grins*

You started ice skating when you were very young. Hence, your parents must have played huge roles in your lives and helped to shape your career. Could you elaborate more on how they have influenced your career?

If it weren’t for my parents, there would be no way I could have ever been a skater! My mom used to take me skating at 5.30am and she would sit in the freezing ice-rink. Then after school, she would fetch me from there to the rink. And there were the price of lessons, ice time, skates, trips to competitions. In RSA, we had to pay for everything so it was very expensive and hard for my parents.

In January this year (2012), I performed for the 1st time in a show in Cape Town. My parents watched my show and were so proud of me and I was so happy that they got to see me perform in Nutcracker on Ice, together with the wonderful cast of the Imperial Ice Stars.

And there you have it, the exclusive interview with Fiona Kirk! You have until 28 October 2012 to catch her in action at the Grand Theatre, Marina Bay Sands for her performance in the Nutcracker on Ice. Tickets can be purchased from Sistic. A big thank you to Base Entertainment Asia and Lunchbox Theatrical Productions for bringing this amazing show here! You can read the review of the show on our website: https://popspoken.com/2012/10/25/nutcracker-on-ice-when-ballet-meets-ice-skating/

And as Fiona rightly mentioned, there is a lot of hard work in order to be this successful. Right then, I shall head back to the rink and practice more!


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Explore latest trends in contemporary culture