If you happen to love your alcohol as much as your local Singaporean dishes, award-winning bar Nutmeg & Clove has got you covered. Whoever said that food and drink can’t be one and the same?

Introducing their new drinks menu Flavours & Memories Vol. 3, “Tasty Origins of the Five Pillars”, Nutmeg & Clove surprises us once again with drinks heavily inspired by Singapore’s history and culture. Each drink is a spin on a classic cocktail, with elements and flavours of our main five ethnic groups — Chinese, Eurasian, Indian, Malay and Peranakan.

Still wondering what surprises you are in for from this Monday onwards at 10 Ann Siang Hill?

Here’s a sneak preview of what you can expect from each ethnic pillar in the menu.


Bloody Crabs 

Personally, I am not typically a fan of the Bloody Mary cocktail. I don’t even take ketchup with my food. But this rendition, I might be able to get behind. The Bloody Crabs is a collaboration with the founders of Long Beach and cooks ingredients you find in chilli crab, with both fresh and canned tomatoes. Add in whiskey for its sweet notes, this drink is refreshing and grows on you with each sip you take.

Feeling more adventurous, we will recommend the Maxwell Martini which is your chicken rice in a drink.


A rendition of a Scotch Old Fashioned, Auntie Sugee is easily one of my favourites. Easy to drink and distinct in its taste, I can imagine myself taking this after a long day at work as a dessert. This cocktail uses Okinawa cane sugar, butter, almond with a wash of Martell VSOP. The buttery and nutty taste definitely reminds me of cake. If you love your pastries and smooth drinks, this will definitely be up your alley.


Indian cuisine is known for its generous use of spices and flavours, so the Masala Fizzle is definitely no exception. Made with the Glenfiddich 12 years, Bianco Vermouth, pleated whiskey, soda, coffee caviar and house-made masala whey, it starts off with honey and floral notes before the spiciness gradually builds in taste. Refreshing and a spicier version of the Black Russian, this is a fun drink to have if you just want something slightly different but not too wild.


Lemak Martini

Have you ever seen a cocktail served with ikan bills and sambal chilli on the side? Yeah, me neither until Nutmeg & Clove served up the Lemak Martini. Dry Vermouth together with Nasi Lemak rum distillate, this is one tasty drink and made savoury with the nibbles on the side. Leaning towards a umami flavour, this is one of the more savoury drinks on the menu.

Looking for something sweeter and easy, go for Roses & Lychees. Bandung-inspired, it is pure goodness with every taste.


Slinging Rojak 

House Rojak distillate, Cointreau, Suze, Lillet Blanc and served with peanuts in a cute tricycle, Slinging Rojak is a spin on the Singapore Sling if you couldn’t figure it out by the name. Savoury and bittersweet, it uses tequila instead of gin which works really well with the caramelisation of fruits and tamarind. Take care to clear your palette before having this drink, just so you can taste all the subtleties it has to offer!


Nutmeg & Clove’s happy hour is available at only S$14 from 6pm –8pm, daily — yes, including weekends. And just for 21st October, all 12 cocktails are going for S$14 to celebrate the launch of this new menu, so you know where we will be!


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