It has been a year since UberEATS, the food companion under their sleek parent Uber, wheeled out their service in Singapore. Proving to be more than a delivery system, they will be celebrating their first year anniversary with an array of gastronomic delights — ranging from 1 for 1 deals, exclusive codes, and even partnerships with coffee shop favourites.

Even as we utilise the app on a daily basis, it will never cease to amaze us at how fast the technology actually adapts the consumers. It’s like a Black Mirror episode at our fingertips, but we digress. For the big 01, here are five updates about the UberEATS journey and the miles they have gone to step up to the plate.

It is now available island-wide.

Fun-fact: Singapore is the first country under the South East Asia belt to have the entire island covered for food deliveries, from Woodlands to Changi. Perhaps it is because our island is not as ginormous as the others, but this achievement was unlocked in exactly a year and that is pretty impressive.

Every app experience is tailored to an individual taste profile.

Even the cuisine choices that are displayed are tailored to what each individual wants to see. The choices will be ranked differently even as you are in the same location as your friends.

Position a slightly frugal friend next to someone who pays $25 for Eggs Benedict, and their apps will (thankfully) offer them different restaurant choices based on their preferences and past orders. “It is a highly evolved, effortless experience, almost like magic,” shared Barry Levy, Head of Expansion for UberEATS APAC. 

You can walk for a living with UberEATS Walker.

Move over Pokémon GO because who wants to walk for their personal wellbeing anymore? Delivery partners for UberEATS include cars, bicycles, and now even walking. By lowing the cost for people to get involved with the delivery service to almost nothing, this means that another feasible option for part-time jobs just surfaced. The delivery scope for Walkers only cover the CBD areas for now, but word from the grapevine is that the expansion is in the works.

There is a team just to help with any food-delivery dispute.

There are tons of food-delivery horror stories floating around the Internet and Singapore does have her fair share. Food coming two hours later, wrong orders, and unsanitary issues — we’re looking at several fast-food conglomerates.

Paint those days in a sepia light because UberEATS has a dedicated team just to help with these issues. Their help service is a platform within the app and the team goes through each dispute on a case by case basis. Delivery with a space for venting? That’s truly Singaporean.

The next step is to go from island-wide to island-deep.

After covering so much ground, UberEATS will be turning their focus inward. For example, partnering up with heartland areas and kopitams so that a wider range of food will be available online. There will also be an increase in healthy options because their data analysis revealed that in the top five most popular cuisines with Singaporeans, salad made it to the list.

Other more technical developments include scheduled orders and guided pickups, the latter revealed to be a highly intuitive map guide, augmented with live photos and detailed walking instructions, to lead the delivery partners straight to the exact countertop on which the food waits. The new UberEATS Restaurant Manager will also be introduced for restaurant partners who want to collect “actionable data”. 


From now till 31 July, 70 outlets across Singapore will be offering 1-for-1 options on the app! More updates here

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