Dear 2016,

Thank you for all the crazy food trends. The year was very à la mode.

You brought us numerous fads that entered our mouths, unified our cravings, and dazzled our Instagram feeds for months. Matcha lavas, salted egg yolk, rainbow bagels, Pokemon Go discounts, the ever-oozing Raclette… we could go on for hours.

You gave rise to short and sweet recipe videos that flooded our social walls. The art of cooking now chopped, dissected, and blended with upbeat jingles, serving well-done lessons in under three minutes.

Which simply means that we could eat our cup noodles, and master the 5 Step Garlic Buttered Prime Rib Roast dish on our screens, in the same amount of time.

Then came the themed cafes, because we kinda needed a reason to go out and eat (popularity of Tasty videos = increase in home chefs).

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Famous “branded” food also came into the picture: ramen hailing from Tokyo, Michelin starred dishes; all available for a queue number.

Not to forget, videos with a designated looker smiling, pointing and chewing at different restaurants. What? Even more motivation to get out of the house.

But now, we move on.

Our Forecast For Food Trends in 2017

Cauliflower - dare we say the Kale of 2017? (Photo credit: @LiveGourmet)

Cauliflower – dare we say the Kale of 2017? (Photo credit: @LiveGourmet)

What can we expect from the year ahead?

Definitely an increase in restaurants focusing only on delivery. Services like UberEats and Deliveroo have stuck their flags and are here to stay. It is all about chill.

Forget plating, bowls are the new plates. Poke bowls, burrito bowls, salad bowls, soup bowls — power to the bowls. It is all about one-bowl meals tailored to our convenience: featuring crunch, heat, acid, and comfort in a single serving.

The spotlight is moving towards ethical dining. Perhaps we will witness more innovative and proactive measures to counter food wastage. Otherwise, communal dining is a great way to go forward in this direction. Sharing small plates around the table > formal servings dedicated to one.

We also suspect a rise in the 3Cs: coconuts, cauliflowers and (fried) chicken. Wishful thinking on our part?

Lastly, street food. Messy, easy, and unpretentious. We love you again.


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