Known as the pioneer of traditional Thai BBQ chains here in Singapore, Mookata is introducing all new Cheesy Grill sets. Hoping to please even the toughest of food critics, these exclusive sets will only be made available at their Bugis Junction outlet from the June 1st, 2016.


Cheesy Grill sets are served in portions for two to three persons at $57.90, or for three to fours persons at $64.90++. Each set comes with the promise of premium ingredients and seasonings, such as baby back pork ribs, purple scallops, bratwurst sausages and bacon enoki wraps.

Two types of cheese, namely cheddar and mozarella, will be offered to go with the plenty of food choices given. The cheese will be conveniently placed in troughs within the grilling plate to melt and for you to dip your food in once it is ready.

If you need even more cheese than what comes in the set, the add-on will be priced at $3.00 for 100 grams each.


On top of that, if you are a buffet customer and would love to have the cheesy grill, that is a possibility too. With a simple additional payment of $3.50++, you will get a free flow of cheddar and mozarella cheese to complement your meal for the day.

You might even like to consider getting a serving of crayfish at an affordable price of $12. This is a promotion that is on-going for a limited time.

With so many options to choose from for a good dining experience, it sounds almost too good to be true. Popspoken heads down to have a food tasting session with Mookata to find out more. How exactly did the grilling experience go?


The cheese offered goes well with the food. It offers a creamy add to the savoury food, and if you like all things cheesy, then this is probably for you. When oozing hot, the cheese is chewy and enhances the taste of certain foods, such as the bratwurst sausage and the pork collar.

With their strong flavours and distinct taste, we think the given amount of cheese in each set is enough.

However, the cheese has a tendency to dry up pretty quick due to the high temperatures of the traditional Mookata grill and that causes the dip to be ineffective after a while. One suggestion would be to keep stirring them, or once melted, move the cheese onto a bowl for the dip to stay for longer.


Together with the cheese, our set came with ten different ingredients to grill and fill up our tummies with goodness. Generally, they all tasted pretty good. How bad can a BBQ ever turn out to be right? It would have been even better if the marination of the chicken thigh as well as the pork collar were different.

Perhaps that would have tantalised our taste buds a bit more throughout the meal.

Our favourites would be the chicken thigh and the bratwurst sausages. They tasted the best with the cheese dip, and their individual tastes were not compromised. Definitely our recommendations out of the entire given menu.


However, in terms of dining experience, it is difficult to say that we had a very good time.

The food was good and the drinks menu was sufficient, but the traditional grill kept having oil bursts every now and then. We became a bit wary halfway through our meal, and were on the edge of our seats to dodge or move away. It became a huge distraction and the enjoyment of dining became short-lived. It is not fun to get burned by oil randomly on our faces or our bodies.

Just an advice: when grilling, be sure to push cooked oil out of the grilling surface and into the empty trough to minimise oil bursts. Take it from the ones that experienced it.

This is an invited tasting. Thank you Mookata for the kind hospitality.

Photography Credit: Darren ‘Merovign’ Tan


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