As more and more cafes open in Singapore, many struggle to find a niche area for themselves that makes them stand out from the slew of new hipster cafes. Old Boys Gallery however, has managed to carve a place for themselves by combining art and dining into their small but extremely colourful space.


Located in Kampong Bahru, Old Boys was formerly an art gallery which only recently added a bistro element. They offer a wide selection of craft beers (more than 50!) and food options to choose from. The bistro prides themselves on Western fusion food and they definitely delivered. If you’re looking for something Western with an Asian flair and want to be surrounded by beautiful art, Old Boys Gallery is for you!

We kicked off our meal with a Trio Plate of dishes. This trio plate is perfect if you and your friends are extremely indecisive about what you want to order, or if you all want to eat different things! Priced at 21 dollars, you can choose 3 out of the 13 options to make up your platter. We decided to go for the OBG Wings, OBG Crab Cakes and the Roast Pork.


The OBG Wings and Crab Cakes are both chef recommendations and once we tried them, we understood why. The Wings are coated with a special homemade marmite sauce. I was slightly skeptical about the marmite but the chef ensured a perfect balance of the other flavours, so it wasn’t too overwhelming.


The crab was fresh and a mango relish with cherry tomatoes complemented the crab flavour well. The fusion flavours really stood out in the Roast Pork, which ultimately stole the show. The roast pork was coated with a sweet barbecue sauce that made me think of the dish as an elevated version of char siew.


Next up, we had the Manster Beef Burger ($17.90). Classified as one of their specialities, the burger turned out to be rather large, with fries and salad as sides. The patty is made in-house with spices and is topped with a sunny-side up egg and bacon. It was pretty difficult to finish after having the trio platter but we (happily) made our way through it. If, for some reason, you don’t eat beef, OBG offers a pork burger alternative that sounds just as promising!


The last dish we managed to try was the Vongole Aglio Olio. Priced at $14.90, this dish is really worth the price because you get a huge portion of clams and a plate that is definitely Insta-worthy. The pasta wasn’t too oily (which is always good) and was a decent Aglio Olio overall.


There were a bunch of other dishes on their menu which sounded really appetising but Popspoken didn’t have enough space in our stomach to try them all. Some of these dishes include the Roast Pork Carbonara, Roast Pork Aglio Olio, and the Meatball Marinara.

Find out more about Old Boys Gallery Cafe and their promotions on their Facebook page here.

P.S. For the rest of September, diners will be entitled 9% off craft beer if you show that you have a digit ‘9’ in your identification card!


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