What’s this thing about Starbucks Singapore’s new Ariana Grande drink, we’re hearing?

Amid much of Starbucks’ clientele trying to ramp up their frappuccino orders with the oft-rumoured ‘secret menu‘ (clarified by many staffers as a customisation option available and made known in-store to personalise drink orders), Starbucks Singapore uploaded an article on May Day containing ways in which customers can spice up their orders with customisations.

One particular customisation looked quite familiar: a vanilla frappuccino with raspberry, mocha, java chips, whipped cream and caramel drizzle.

Starbucks Ariana Grande Drink - Popspoken

Does this recipe look a little familiar to you? Well, colour us surprised: the resemblance is uncanny indeed.

That is the same recipe that a Buzzfeed reporter received three months back when she tried to order an ‘Ariana Grande’ drink.

The customisation option has long been mistaken as a secret menu vault, where many Starbucks customers believed there was a hidden chest of recipes for drinks that were not in the menu. New York employee Dylan DeGeorge clarifies on the Buzzfeed post’s comments section that no ‘secret menu’ drinks are taught to baristas and those that want customisations should “just have the exact recipe in hand when you reach the counter and tell the barista”.

But with this new menu, you can now make that drink slightly official when you flash the menu to Starbucks baristas. (Just don’t go too crazy on it.)

To make things extra official, Starbucks Singapore introduced this free coupon below, which you can flash as an image until May 4 for a free customisation of any frappucino order. The brand said in its article that it would introduce more customisation promotions until 17 May.

Starbucks Ariana Grande Drink - Popspoken

Granted, the Ariana Grande drink will probably not be on the menu unless there is a strong campaign for it, but this endorsement is the strongest move thus far by the coffee chain.

Now, go forth and make your pop star dreams come true.

Photos: Starbucks Singapore