Most people are probably familiar with whiskey, which is distilled from barley, and often have the misconception that cognac is reserved for ‘very old’ people who have an acquired taste – this is hardly the case. Cognac, blended from grapes, is not hard to savour, and in fact, goes down smoothly like a peaty old whiskey, if not, smoother.

Served in a hardy Christopher Pillet crystal glass that greets another with a resounding clink – the wealth of aroma is brought out from a Remy Martin Louis XIII cognac, that leaves a lasting finish with an aftertaste of fig and prune. Start first with a sip, to acclimatise your mouth to the wealth of flavours that have been blended into the 1200 cognacs within a drop of the prized Louis XIII. Then, go on, take a full sip – and you will realise the taste does not dissipate quickly. As they say, the more premium the alcohol, the longer lasting taste in your mouth. Undoubtedly, the Louis XIII is excellent.

Marie-Amélie Jacquet, Fourth Generation

Remy Martin is a legacy that has been passed on from generation to generation, and it is now at its fourth.

What remains is the status of excellence, with the fourth generation only allowed to take helm, when the third generation is satisfied they have proven their worth. Marie-Amélie Jacquet started to helm the financial planning and analysis for Remy Martin’s Global Trade Retail Division, after leaving the lucrative private sector where she was a banker at the renowned NM Rothschild & Sons. Leaving the fast paced finance industry, she is now on a quest to further the legacy her forefathers put together.

“Even in a fast-paced world, quality cannot be rushed.” – Marie-Amélie

As the brand turns 140, they are scouring the globe in search of the rarest Louis XIII decanter in the world. Take a shot, who knows, you might win the ultimate luxury trip to the Remy Martin Estate in Cognac. Full terms and conditions of the contest can be found at