Move over, Lays. You no longer have to settle for chips that are bound to make you round.

Enter, Fish Sh-nack, a healthier alternative to satiate peckish behaviour. Co-founders Perlin Chan and Ken Tan are on a mission to take a commonly enjoyed dish at traditional Chinese restaurants, and sell it to the masses. Lamenting the “lack of representation of an Asian Snack”, the idea of Fish Sh-nack was born… on a napkin of a Chinese restaurant.

It was just another day for Perlin, when a brain-wave hit her, and in that same meal, she mapped out the revenue, market demand, business costs and strategic plans – all on that same napkin. Multi-tasking at its best. For Ken, being a practical guy, just wanted to slim down after slowly morphing into a couch potato when he indulged in video games and working/studying. 20kg in 4 years – that’s a feat. Fish Sh-nack thus became his answer to his unhealthy weight gain.

A foodie through and through, Ken put his love for innovative food creation to work – and concocted a slew of inventive dips for the chips. Asian-inspired ones, of course, such as Chili Crab Dip, Salted Egg Dip and White Mushroom Chardonnay (coming soon) – that are affordably priced at $1 a pop. As the bottled dips are freshly prepared, they can only bought at their monthly pop-up booths (pssst.. stalk them here!)

Perlin and Ken

Despite it being crispy, the fish skin is less greasy and calorie intensive than that bag of chips, because of a specialized way of frying that utilizes less oil, but yet, still retains the fish skin’s natural colour. We tried it, and couldn’t stop at one – because crunchiness is just that addictive. The taste of the sea is not overwhelming, as it is well tempered by the crispness of batter.

Healthy has certainly replaced YOLO as the new buzz word, so why stop at that when food can be delicious, too.

Plans for 2015 are in the works for this ambitious duo. They hope to get an online store going, and perhaps, you’ll see the tasty Fish Sh-nack at a convenience store near you. Well, till then, you can purchase the munchies by emailing or Facebook messaging them.


To order, email [email protected] or Facebook message them, here. Sh-nack delivery is free for orders above $120, otherwise, a delivery charge of $7 (per location) applies.

1 packet – $10 / 3 packets – $24 (Promotional 20% discount for 3 packets or more)