4 things you didn’t know about what goes into your cocktails.

1. Vodka with Heart 

Want to drink and do good at the same time? Snow Leopard Vodka is distilled 6 times from the spelt grain that lends it an ultra-smoothness and a nutty finish. You know vodka is special when its fans include a star-studded line-up: Stella McCartney, Vivienne Westwood, Prince Harry and more. Great taste aside, 15% of the proceeds from vodka sales goes towards conversation projects to protect the endangered Snow Leopards.

Stephen Sparrow, founder with a big heart, worked together with the Singapore’s Cat Welfare Society to bring more awareness to the Snow Leopard Trust when he visited last month.

Snow Leopard Vodka is now available at selected bars and premium retailers at a recommended retail price of S$118 per bottle.

2. Oldest Single Producing Spirit that Never Moved from its Origins

What are the two things Rihanna and Mount Gay Rum have in common? They both hail from Barabados, and stimulate the senses.

Our favourite from the heavily charred cast is definitely the Black Barrel rum, which is exquisite when served with vermouth, and lends it a sense of bitterness.

What sets Mount Gay Rum apart from other region’s rums, is its almond aftertaste. The Black Barrel rum is a strange creature, as it straddles both categories of it being a single distillate (for a short finish normally used for making cocktails), and a sipping mix (for that long, lingering finish).

You can find Mount Gay Black Barrel at Waku Ghin, The Scarlet Hotel, Ah Sam Cold Drink Stall, Bitters and Love, CUT, Lucha Loco, Jigger and Pony, Jekyll and Hyde, Nektar, Mad Men and more.

3. Iceland’s First Distillery

Hailing from Borgarnes, a small village in Iceland where the CO2 levels are actually falling, Reyka Vodka steals the show. The conditions in which the clean, crisp vodka is made is indeed that sterile.

That’s what you get after filtering vodka through Icelandic glacier spring water and lava rocks. If that isn’t unique enough, the vodka doesn’t leave an unsightly carbon footprint as it is produced using geo-thermal energy, rendering the beautifully textured vodka impurity free. Now, that’s dedication to craft. It’s no wonder Reyka Vodka clinched the Vodka Trophy at the International Wine and Spirit Competition (2011).

Good things are hard to come by – 6 hours of intense, single distillation only gives rise to an exclusive batch of 255 bottles of vodka. Rarity at its best, indeed.

Reyka Vodka is priced between S$200 – S$250 and is now available at Sauce, Halia at Raffles Hotel, Butter Factory, Bar Naked and 2am: dessertbar.

4. The Artful Bottle for Keeps

We have known Absolut Vodka as a brand synonymous with art, ever since Andy Warhol proclaimed in 1986: “I love the bottle, I want to do something with it…”


The popular Swedish brand has since collaborated with countless creatives, such as prolific artist Keith Haring, daring film maker Spike Jonze and even rave music festival favourites Swedish House Mafia. With no sense of slowing down on collaborations, Aboslut Vodka will be going back to its roots this December.

Using art as a branding strategy since its inception, Absolut Vodka has also tasked artists to curate events, with a central focus on partygoers’ experiences. Notable collaborations include the Night Court at Art Basel Miami in 2013, where artist, Rocklen, created an Absolut Vodka bar that was centred around his artwork, Trophy Modern.

4 million limited edition A for Absolut Vodka bottles will be released internationally this December, with 2,000 reserved for Singapore. The bottles are available at Zouk and altimate by 1-Altitude.

We have 10 pairs of tickets to give away to Absolut Vodka’s epic pop-art party on 18 Dec 2014. 

Editor’s note: Pictures of the Andy Warhol inspired party that happened at The Mill, can be found here.