Are you the sort of nerd who gets so obsessed about fixing a code that you stay glued to your seat 24/7; or an entertainment rockstar who watches sitcom after sitcom and won’t stop till you get to the bottom of the story? Hunger is such a distraction to your tasks.

You pick up the phone and attempt to placate those hunger pangs. The first number that usually pops into everyone’s head is the MacDelivery hotline, but even as creatures of habit, we get tired of having the same old nuggets, burgers and soggy fries all the time. First world problems? Definitely.

Chinmay Malaviya, Managing Director of foodpanda shares with us his noble vision:

“Human beings have been foraging forever – from plucking fresh strawberries off shrubs and buying chicken breast in the market to hunting down a killer donut in the CBD and even the occasional ordering of burgers on the phone.

We have, however, been observing that consumers in Singapore are increasingly yielding to foraging from the cosy comfort of their couch, Aeron office chair or their daybed by way of an online food delivery service, an app or a phone – yes, now a hot serving of chicken burrito from Café Mexicana or Mutton Biryani from Indian eatery Omar Shariff can be on your lap in under an hour”

Having discovered foodpanda, which provides a delivery service for over 200 restaurants including our favourites such as Sushi TeiPastaMania, Picotin, Mad Jack, Nihon Mura and more, we will no longer be hungry nor have to resort to mixing meal replacement powders with soya milk. It certainly tops our list as a one-stop destination to harvest all our favourite food hassle-free.

Log on to for your Cosy Forager moment, foodpanda is also available as a mobile app. It has been downloaded by over 100,000 people over 28 countries, namely, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Morocco, Senegal, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Hungary, Venezuela, Poland, Ukraine, Romania, and the Czech Republic. Ok, you get the idea, it’s everywhere.