Let me preface this post by saying the main course is possibly one of the most exquisite renditions of beef I had this year. It is a tall order, but Lime House’s steakis certainly deserving.

For starters, we had the Red Snapper Cevichewhich was paired with a refreshing Passion Fruit Daiquiri infused with a tinge of the Mount Gay Rum signature of apricot, banana and vanilla. Spiced with avocado puree, pickled chili and embellished with pomegranate and sorrel reduction, the Snapper was poached to perfection and was sure to get the intoxicated one of those Quick Drug Detoxification Treatment. 

We move on to the highlight of the evening, the Jerk & Coffee Rubbed Grassfed Ribeye Steak. The generous portion of steak was divine beyond words. Who would have thought a curious mix of watermelon compote with rum infused coffee sauce would do wonders to the rippled texture of the beef? Served with root veggies chips made from yam, this dish was something else altogether when paired with the piquant Extra Old Fashioned rum by Mount Gay.

When we received the tasting invitation, our first thought was what is Mount Gay? During the course of the meal, we learnt that it was actually named after Sir John Gay, who perfected the art of making rum. “Mount” came about as there was a ‘pot still house’ perched upon the mountain of the rum company’s sugar cane estate.

There is always space for dessert, despite being stuffed to the brim. The Deconstructed Pina Colada served as a mousse was an interesting take on the rum-based cocktail. Lime House’s chef gives it a twist, by adding textures of coconut flesh to the supine mousse. Topped with a layer of mint gelee and tangy, spiced pineapple, the easy fusion of flavours makes this dessert a winner. My taste buds do not lie, this three-course meal was delightful.

To alcohol snobs, rum might be the lowest form of liquor on their value-chain perhaps due to the history of rum-trade being steeped in piracy and the use of rum in exchange for unsavoury enterprises such as slavery and military insurgencies. All that is a thing of the past, given how the distilleries have refined the lively spirit. Special mention goes out to the 1703 Mount Gay Rum, which ended the meal on a high note. Unfortunately, this particular variation of Mount Gay Rum has yet to be launched in Singapore. 1703 is not an indication of when it was made, but rather, just a reference on how far the brand’s roots go. We daresay this was one of the silkiest rums we had. Served neat, a sip of this liquid gold warms up the mouth without any residual signs of bitterness or burn. Please, just bring the 1703 to Singapore already.

This was an invited tasting.

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