True to its calling as a premium ice cream provider, Magnum is taking Singapore by storm with the launch of its two latest exciting flavours and a pop-up Magnum Singapore Pleasure Store that officially opened its doors from Friday, 26 July 2013 at Clarke Quay’s Central Fountain Square. Before we’ve forgotten how Benecio del Toro broke into a bank for some Magnum Gold?!, the new Magnum Pink and Magnum Black is set to surprise taste-buds all over again. The opening featured a pink and black themed party with free manicures, live caricature drawings and a photo booth stocked with Magnum props for invited guests to get creative with.

The Magnum Pink (Marc Du Champagne) and the Magnum Black (Black Espresso) are two new decadent ice creams reflecting the different sides to one’s personalities; flirty and frivolous or sophisticated and elegant. A couture dress was designed by fashion label Cute Circuit to celebrate the launch. Host Jaymee Ong donned the Magnum Pink & Black Twitter Vote Dress that was set to reflect social media’s preference by hashtagging #makeitpink or #makeitblack. The dress, fitted with a layer of ‘intelligent fabric’ containing high density LEDs would via the Moodometer on stage decide the colour and pattern of the dress.

A Midsummer's Night Dream"

A Midsummer’s Night Dream”


“The new MAGNUM SINGAPORE Pleasure Store is a unique concept store where pleasure is yours for the making. It has been a hit across the globe and hence we want to bring this experience to the discerning pleasure seekers in Singapore”, said Moustapha Khaled, Country Director, Unilever Singapore.

The Pleasure Store allows guests to design their very own Magnum by choosing the coating, toppings, drizzling and even naming it! Pleasure seekers can also have their very own Magnum creation seen through the Magnum Lookbook that has been specially created to allow digital capture and sharing of their unique designs online and at the store. “A Midsummer’s Night Dream“, created from edible flowers, assorted fizzy berries, white chocolate sheet and a Magnum is just one of the many few treats that one will be able to sample at the Pleasure Store serving up desserts and cocktails long into the night.



It is undeniable that Magnum’s marketing has brought expectations to the table with their marketing of the Magnum Pink and Black. We now put it to the test.


What they say:

Magnum Pink has a silky and delicate taste, with pink Marc de Champagne ice cream and sauce coated in a premium pearlescent pink layer of crackling Magnum chocolate to bring out the exuberant bubbly side.

What we say:

When you call yourself an ice cream with champagne, we want to taste that champagne or it might only serve to disappoint. Nonetheless, Magnum has got it right with the rich and heavenly part and the pretty swirls of pink and white once you take a first bite into that crackling chocolate coating.


What they say:

To match the more refined, discerning side of you, Magnum Black is irresistibly cool and delectably decadent. Containing intense black espresso coffee swirled in a smooth, creamy vanilla ice cream, Magnum Black is covered in the signature thick layer of crackling dark Magnum chocolate.

What we say:

Intense is correct. The Espresso flavour is spot on and not overly bitter and is a good partnership with the creamy vanilla. For those who do not like their desserts overly sweet, the Magnum Black may be a better option for you.


MAGNUM BLACK. We found the Magnum Pink a tad on the sweet side and will probably be more suitable those who have a sweeter inclination. For us though, the Magnum Black would serve as a good afternoon perk-me-up instead of the usual after lunch coffees. Bear in mind though that Magnum prides itself on its rich decadent tastes and they don’t over-sell on that. Share the Magnum Pink, Magnum Black or a co-designed Magnum from the Pleasure Store with a friend if you’re coming from a heavy meal!

For more pictures of the Magnum Party and the treats they have in store, click here and here!

The new Magnum Pink and Magnum Black will be available island wide from 1st August 2012 at a recommended retail price of S$3.90 (stick) and S$10.90 (multipack-3 sticks).

The MAGNUM SINGAPORE Pleasure Store will be roving around Singapore, with the first stop at Clarke Quay Central Fountain from 27th July till 26th August and will be open daily from 12pm to 11pm. For updates on the next location of the Magnum Bar, visit their Facebook page at