So, today is ALSO the day for another type of goodness (besides the one with Demi): McDonald’s National Breakfast Day, where 1000 Egg McMuffins will be given out for free between 5am to 10am at most branches. Naturally, us Singaporeans have a tendency to queue for this sort of stuff. We did it with IKEA meatballs, Hello Kitty toys and basically anything that can be queue-able in today’s world. These pictures below are from people in Singapore that laid their hands on the mighty burger between 5am and 7am and displayed their loot on Twitter and Instagram. These pictures may shock you, they may cause you to barf and may make you never visit McDonald’s or believe in Singaporeans ever again.

But, if you love these pics, remember: you have until 10am today to get your hands on as many as you can. Godspeed and may the force be with you.

Click through pictures to get to the Instagram versions.

WE MADE IT!!! FREE EGG MCMUFFIN! @janineteo @siangloong

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EGG MCMUFFIN DAY! Wohoo!! #mcdonalds #eggmcmuffin #liangcourt

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First in line for FREE #eggmcmuffin from #liangcourt #mcdonalds @scarybrad @kenn_ey @djamesmelchizedek

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