The increase in pollution from our environment coupled with our hectic lifestyles can lead to our skin suffering first. The filters for what constitutes as clean skincare may still vary, but there is a clear demand for products that accommodate those with skin that flare up at the slightest contact with problematic or harsh ingredients. Otherwise, it can also pose as an obstacle for those who have tricky skin conditions like rosacea or naturally delicate skin that often come with distressing reactions like hives, breakouts, or a persistent red-from-the-shower blush.

As we get older, sensitive beauty is what we find ourselves investing in for both instant relief and long-term rectification. We have selected a few of the best brands and skincare products for sensitive skin, so get ready to make some space in your shelf for a couple of these conscientious contenders.

BYBI Beauty

BYBI’s Beauty Boosters

Pioneers in natural beauty thought leadership and authors of Clean Beauty, Dominika Minarovic and Elsie Rutterford know exactly what they are doing with BYBI (By Beauty Insiders) Beauty. Adorned with eye-catching colours and bold golden lettering, the capsule collection features 12 products, all boasting of efficacious formulas with highly sustainable packaging. They are completely natural, cruelty-free, and housed within palm-sized glass bottles or sugarcane-derived bioplastic tubes that are infinitely recyclable and industrially compostable.

Although Singapore’s humid climate seems particularly unforgiving for oil-based products, we find that the Supercharge Serum navigates that tricky terrain of oil mess/bless beautifully. Marrying 18 different antioxidant-rich, fast-spreading, natural oils, the multi-functional serum soothes inflammation, rejuvenates signs of dullness, and acts as a protective layer for skin to retain hydration, ultimately curbing any excess shine.

Those who find that retinol, or vitamin A, is too harsh for their skin will also be pleased to know that their Bakachiol Booster is an excellent natural option. Combining two gentle vegan alternatives—Bakuchiol, an ingredient derived from the psoralea corylifolia plant, and Olive Squalane—the nighttime booster resets skin by improving collagen production for a softer and more radiant complexion to start the new day.

BYBI Beauty can be purchased at all Sephora outlets



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Inspired by the looming move towards personalised, conscious beauty, alche{me} is the Singapore-based beauty company that should be on your watchlist. With the needs of Asian women at its core, the brand offers two paths for botanical skincare solutions packed with natural antioxidants. For those who prefer their products custom-made so that you know (and can control) exactly what is going into your routine, their Custom Lab and state-of-the-art Facial Recognition technology can assess and guide the personalisation process on an incredibly intimate level. Currently, the bespoke services only extend to moisturisers and serums.

Two products standout from their classic cleansing range. The {my} Gentle Cleansing Gel is a lightweight face wash that purifies the skin thoroughly without the stripping effect. It also comes with a pump that dispenses just the right amount without the risk of contamination from exposure or contact with the environment. The main ingredient is Centella Asiatica Leaf Extract, which soothes upset or compromised areas and boosts the skin’s natural elasticity. Pair it with their Clear & Mattify {me} Toner for a healthy, dewy complexion, as both its core ingredients, Iris Root Extract and Retinyl Palmitate, unite to control oil production while stimulating collagen production.

alche{me} can be purchased at their website


23.5゚N’s Rice Soothing Active+ Gel Mask

With the rising interest in Taiwanese beauty over the last few years, it might come as a surprise that they have been trailblazers for sensitive skincare from the beginning. One of such brands is 23.5N, whose moniker signifies a commitment to natural and organic local ingredients grown above the equator. The products are free from artificial colouring, fragrance, alcohol, sulfates, and parabens, and furthermore, the 1,371 ingredients prohibited by the EU. If you ever find yourself in the market for an overnight sleeping mask that is calming, nourishing, and brightening, their Rice Soothing Active+ Gel Mask is a personal favourite. They have also recently launched a new addition to the series: the Pineapple Exfoliating Gel Mask, which sounds both delicious and luxurious.

23.5N can be purchased at their website or at all SASA outlets


intrinsic’s Sol D UV Sunscreen

intrinsic is more than a skincare brand. It is a Korean dermatological solution created by Hyun Kyung Yoon to spotlight and obliterate the barriers for sensitive skin. The products exclude various allergens, choosing instead to focus on multi-faceted properties to pamper and treat easily irritated skin. An essential to any routine, the Foam Cleanser has one of the most gentle formulas but foams well. It is formulated with organic orange peel extract and a plant-based surfactan to not only thoroughly detoxify pores of dirt and makeup without drying out or irritating the skin, it also fixes uneven complexions.

For those with eczema, sunscreen becomes crucial but slathering on so much means that sometimes you end up with a white cast. intrinsic’s Sol D UV Sunscreen (SPF 50+)  resolves this dilemma by being both efficacious and lightweight. It is completely non-comedogenic and uses newer micronised formulations of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, shea butter and Vitamin D-like Intrinsic Factor (VIF) to strengthen skin barrier. It applies on evenly and has a distinctly hydrating sensation, making it highly suitable for those with dry or flaky skin.

intrinsic can be purchased at selected Guardian stores and on their website



We all know that water is the age-old ritual for healthy skin. French cult brand algologie is based on the idea that beauty is born from the mother of water: the marine garden. Their laboratories are situated a few meters from the site of the Sillon de Talbert, which protects the Bréhat Archipelago and its unique biotope, providing them with ample access to pure sea water, high-quality seaweed, and exquisite marine plant-based ingredients.

Those with troubled skin will enjoy the Hydra Écume range as cleanses, detoxifies, and tones the skin with the help of ocean derived minerals. For quick results, you will love the Oxygenating Cleansing Foam as it has a delicate, mousse texture that removes impurities while replenishing moisture, allowing skin cells to be oxygenated and instantly refreshed.

algologie can be purchased at all SASA outlets


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