Navigating the beauty industry is overwhelming, period. Year upon year of rapid-fire product launches have blitzed our wallets into oblivion, while consumers are more confused than ever. 

VF+c aims to change that, launching its first experiential beauty concept, Beaut to Be (BTB), in July – a series of immersive and more importantly, educational events that bring Singapore’s beauty consumers and brands under one roof. Don’t fret if you’ve missed out this round – VF+c’s founder Amadea Choo says more exciting instalments are in the works, although they’re taking the time to develop future iterations in order to put the community’s needs first. 

In the meantime, check out our primer on BTB here, then read on for our takeaways from the launch.

Inclusivity is the new normal.

We all know the standard spiel in 2019: full foundation shade ranges; vegan and cruelty-free makeup by default; a general awareness that gender non-conforming beauty has just about taken over all of pop culture in the last half-decade.

And it’s too late in the game at this point for brands to slip up.

Ms Adlina Adyani, Co-Founder of The Min List, shared in a panel discussion how local brands and retailers can contextualise this movement: the increasing demand for halal beauty products in Singapore for example, is a sign that consumers are doubling down to align their purchases with values and belief systems. Something the brand has adopted as part of their DNA.

The increasingly-informed consumer, who has grown up on a steady diet of product advertisement (covert and otherwise) has a keenly honed eye.

Brands who merely pay lip service to the changing needs of their market will fall to the wayside, as those who embrace diversity wholly will emerge frontrunners.

Now say that again for the back row.

Master the day to night look once and for all.

Here’s the thing about makeup masterclasses in Singapore: There aren’t any.

So it’s no wonder that as a makeup artist, the second most common question I get asked is how to take a daytime office look to an evening-appropriate one. With “how to contour ah” coming in first place.

Thankfully, Blush with Me’s founder and pro-makeup artist Priscelia Wong is on hand. Speaking to a packed class of attendees, she used products from Blushboss and The Min List to demonstrate techniques.

Complete with 1-1 time with class attendees, which is a rarity.

It boils down to several simple concepts: add more depth with darker shadows to compensate for the lower levels of light in the evening, and not being afraid to play with colour. 

At this point, I whisper to my table partner about the life-changing properties of electric blue eyeshadow, but Wong suggests a darker lip and jewel tones as the more palatable option. 

Shoutout to the participant who brought her friend to test all the techniques on, instead of her own. (What have you done for your friends lately?)

Also, my inner-auntie was pleasantly surprised to find each participant’s table furnished with a mirror, face chart and set of brushes. 

The wonders of fashion tape.

Thinking to risk it all with a risqué outfit? We hear you, and love you, and support you. But we’d also advise using some fashion tape. For the uninitiated, it’s basically double-sided tape for fabrics aka how your favourite celeb avoids a nip-slip moment a la Janet Jackson at the 2004 Super Bowl.

And if you don’t get the reference, you’re either too young, or too young. Congratulations. In any case, using it is intuitive – adhere it where you want fabric to stay close to your skin, or stop slipping.

Adopt it, embrace it, surrender to it. Then thank the folks at for spilling these #industrysecrets at their styling session. You’re now one step closer to living your red carpet dreams. 

Pay them a visit for good karma, and before you hit checkout (we know you will), don’t forget to add on their free Ultimate Fitting Kit which contains silicone nipple pasties, a measuring tape and you guessed it, fashion tape.

You won’t always need it, but when you do, you just do. Like tissues, toilets and taxis.

It’s all about connections.

Brands want to meet consumers. Consumers want to meet brands.

The truth is that the elusive candid feedback that review pages can only dream of are made possible when people see eye-to-eye. Literally. All while swatching copious amounts of lavender hand cream.

We don’t see how it gets any better than this. Events like BTB are a great platform for brands to solicit real-time responses from potential customers, sans the unnecessary PR talk.

You’ll find your tribe here.

Forget small talk. Everyone’s a makeup addict here, and socialising is almost too easy.

From beginners to industry pros, the chances are you’ll find a new connection or two at the event. I know I did – and it’s because BTB works hard to make sure it’s an event where everyone feels welcome to come as they are.

We wouldn’t want it any other way.

Whether you’re looking to expand your social circle, or link up with collaborators for an upcoming project – this is the place.


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