Growing up, finding the right perfume was never my concern.

In a country like Singapore, where the two ruling seasons are hot and very hot, the idea of constantly spritzing yourself with pricey glass-bottled fragrances — only to have the initial scent fade down to a less-than-ideal sourish base note — didn’t hold much appeal to teenage me.

Sure, I imagined owning a fragrance all to myself. One that lingered around my neck, danced on my wrist, and haunted the minds of transfigured lovers.

A bottle where I can devote my identity to, like sophisticated women and their Chanel N°5 memories, a projection of myself that can be carried by the wind.

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Fast forward to today. I still maintain a halfhearted attitude towards perfume collections, but I’ll admit that I have indulged in a good selection in the recent years.

The first bottle I purchased was Lady Gaga’s Fame, a black elixir luxuriously cupped by gold spikes and below a hundred dollars. The second Chloé‘s signature, a pretty breezy floral that actually got more than a handful of Uber drivers to turn around and ask, “Is that you?”

The Meaning of Perfumes

In our culture, where the sea of shampoo mists and body colognes easily reign in a packed train, finding the perfect perfume  for yourself can be tricky. Drugstore products have more benefits and usually wear more comfortably.

After all, you have to beat the heat, find the right price, and wear your individuality like a board on your chest.

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The right scent should cling on like a dedicated lover, easing its change in wear time gently throughout the day. It should make you feel glamorous, even like an actor/actress caught in a sensual performance. It can become an art, wearing perfume, if you take the time to notice the different layers of the same fragrance, all contouring around the same identity.

Remember Perfume, the infamous movie based on the infamous French novel? Remember how a single whiff of the smells around can conjure a lifetime’s worth of stories?

What these stories reveal is our hedonistic nature.

Pleasure becomes embodied by perfumes.

How to Pick the Best for the Best

Finding the right scent for someone else requires an elementary understanding of their personality, as well as their lifestyles.

If they are bold, ambitious, and unapologetic in their everyday actions, then something heavier (think musky, deep notes, akin to the latest Gucci’s Bamboo) will complement their drive. On the other hand, someone who is chirper and younger will definitely match a lighter fruity aroma better.

Boss The Scent

Boss Bottled Intense

Your final choices also reflect how you see them, whether as partners, friends or family. There is a double crossing of gazes, where your decisions reflect a little of yourself as well.

For example, picking last year’s release, Boss’ Bottled Intense, over the signature, The Scent, allows your better half to redefine himself. As the name suggests, the intensity is captured here, with an exemplified rush of spices and woody notes — much, much more masculine in comparison to the first.

If you are looking for something outside of the box, yet still relevant to our homegrown taste, try this.

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Hugo Boss The Scent For Her

Hugo Boss The Scent For Her

[Updated: 15 Dec 2016]

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