The Convention on Climate Change (COP 21) is going to kick off day earlier than planned this Sunday. Perfect timing. Maybe this will get people thinking about the future of our existence first, before deciding how to blow their cash on Cyber Monday.

It would be ideal if COP 21 can see an update of the COP 3, where the Kyoto Protocol was adopted. To us, ‘adopted’ means nothing. If it means countries can come together to agree on words of an agreement – great, but that isn’t good enough. We all know what happened with the US, who merely paid lip service to the Protocol by putting their signature down, but did not follow through and ratify the Protocol. Considering they are one of the world’s second largest carbon emitter (first being China), we do hope COP 21 will see certain shifts in sentiment.

We don’t blame US though, for their defensive concerns regarding reductions to carbon emissions. Any commitments made in this regard, would definitely impact their economy which is largely consumer driven. That being said, if we take a step back, us, the consumers, can definitely help them out in deciding the way forward. Consume what you need, and curb those insatiable thirsts of coveting everything new and fancy. Corporations will produce less, if they sense that the trend of shopping fatigue is here to stay. This will in turn minimize carbon footprints considerably.

There have been movements worldwide to promote concepts of sustainable living. That is not to say you have to grow a beard or start chanting sutras to be part of those movements – it’s really not at all hippie and exclusive. Perhaps what we all need to rescue our Earth from drowning irrevocably, is a change in mindset. We are so fixated on beautiful Instagram feeds, but fail to realize that beneath the veneer of superficiality, those Instagram-ers are not so different from you and I. Everyone is going through that same daily struggle, in finding a deeper purpose. Some find it in money, some find it in fame, others find it in spending each day authentically, or with their families. One thing is clear – no one is about to judge you for the choices you make but yourself, because everyone is so busy trying to live out their own lives, than to care about how your shallow needs are satisfied by purchasing that iconic bag Gary Pepper Girl was seen carrying. 

Right now, the effects of climate change aren’t that apparent to us or much of the world yet. However, beyond our little red dot, many species are endangered and countless people have died as a result of it – along the coasts of lower lying regions around the world like Solomon Islands flash floods have claimed the lives of thousands…. in 2010. The effects of which cannot be seen in a silo as those displaced, have impacted neighbouring regions such as New Zealand; that would have to deal with the tricky situation in dealing with refugees. In the coming years, if the sea levels continue to rise, and people off coasts start to get displaced, it’s only a matter of time where other countries will have to deal with similar situations.

On that somber note, happy Black Friday! Before you buy that bag though, please pause, and give some thought to whether you really need it.

Image credits: Banksy (on Rave Nectar)

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