Miroslava Duma may have started out as a streetstyle icon, with photographers taking photos of her outfits outside fashion weeks all over the world, but now, she is editrix extraordinare. The founder of fashion-centric digital portal Buro 24/7, she has launched imprints of the publication in places such as Russia, Azerbaijan and Australia.

In a collaboration with Indochine Media Ventures, Buro 24/7 launched in Singapore on the first day of the recent Singapore Fashion Week with founder Miroslava Duma in tow, along with a who’s-who in the journalism space: Norman Tan (pictured above with Miroslava) as editor-in-chief, Adibah Isa as culture editor, Tracy Phillips as contributing editor and blogger Pakkee Tan as editorial assistant.

This in Indochine Media Ventures‘ first digital-only title, having magazines Barcode, Robb Report and Luxury Guide under its arsenal. Popspoken spoke to Miroslava Duma on her ambition for the new Singapore imprint, being aware of the benefits of social media and saving the world of couture, bespoke wear.


Popspoken: Buro 24/7 came about at the boom of web journalism in 2011; today, it seems many such sites are coming up into the fray. Is there a thing as too much competition online and what is Buro doing differently from the rest in terms of strategy, editorial coverage and aesthetic?

Miroslava Duma: Competition is a good thing for most industries – it keeps standards up. At Buro 24/7, we set ourselves apart by striving to be the first to report on stories round the clock, conveying global news with local relevance.

Popspoken: How did you first hear of Singapore? What was the deciding factor in coming into Singapore to launch a Buro imprint here?

Miroslava: Singapore has always been on our radar. We recognize it as the reputed hub representing the regional fashion market. With the growing tech and fashion-savvy audience in Singapore and the region, it was timely for us to anchor Buro 24/7 and present the latest on fashion, beauty, watches, lifestyle and contemporary culture though an Asian lens.

Popspoken: Norman Tan, editor-in-chief of Buro 24/7 Singapore, is also known for his streetstyle alongside his myriad of editorial work. To be an editor-in-chief or a fashion journalist today, must one have a booming social media presence and/or be a streetstyle star on Instagram? Had you not been a streetstyle icon, would you have been as successful today or would Buro even be launched?

Miroslava: Whilst I don’t think one requires a social media presence in order to succeed, I have personally experienced the impalpable value of social media. When applied correctly, social media can propel businesses and careers to greater heights in an accelerated manner.

Popspoken: What do you see is the next frontier in the digital space — is there a new social media platform we should be looking out for or has the era of the social web died down to something else entirely?

Miroslava: I believe the next frontier of social media is leveraging off its networking potential for businesses. Apps such as ShareBloc can be very useful for startups.

Popspoken: The Russian fashion aesthetic is exemplified by a sophisticated meld of couture and masstige. With the talk of the town over how couture’s doom is impending, how will the fashion industry ensure the survival of such a rarefied art form?

Miroslava: The same way museums conserve art. Through education, documentaries and workshops, celebrating the artists behind the masterpiece is a great way to create a personal bond between the audience and the couturier and his or her work, evoking a sense of appreciation.

Popsopken: A lot has been said about what up-and-comers should do to get into the fashion industry. What should they not do and how do you advise them to stay rooted amid the heady glitz and glamour of the industry? What was more difficult for you to get attuned to — the lifestyle of fashion or the business of fashion?

Miroslava: Never let anyone dictate what you can or cannot do. Keep your feet on the ground by creating regular checkpoints with the people closest to you who will be brutally honest. The bustling nature of both lifestyle and business of fashion was challenging when I had my baby but with incredibly supporting families both at home and at the office, I’ve learnt to create a balance.

Photos: Miroslava Duma/Instagram

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