Dapper gentlemen unite at Lezzgo Events’ A Gentleman’s Worth, a style masterclass created by men, for men; to pick up grooming and fashion essentials. Hosted at Hotel Re!, the folks from Mr Gentleman – Singapore.

The folks from Mr Gentleman will share insider tips to fashion, such as colors & pattern matching, dress codes guidelines and suit fittings. Do all your shopping at the pop-up stores as local designers, such as Leathers & Such, Rugby & Co (bracelets), who will be offering exclusive discounts for attendees. Also at the event will be male grooming services such as nail trimming, barbers and more.

The men behind Mr Gentleman – Singapore are Jonathan Wong and Gary Ong, stylists by training, who are “trying to influence within the menswear industry in Singapore is to spark off the entire movement of dressing well as a form of respect and being worthy as a man because you care more.”

Accessibility and affordability are what they assessed to be the 2 issues that need to be solved, for Singaporean men to aspire towards the “modern day dapper style”, as opposed to just going for traditional tailoring or off-the-rack suits. Even if tailors offer modern day designs, Mr Gentleman recognizes its hefty price tag, and wants to provide alternatives that are within reach for their clientele.

Enlisting the boys of local indie outfit The Sam Willows (Benjamin Kheng and Jonathan Chua), Mr Gentleman, as their name suggests, is more than just dressing well. Being a Gentleman “also means to behave with chivalry and being more thoughtful and sensitive as men in the modern world.”


In all sense of the word, adding “Mr.'” to their brand is more than just a pre-fix, it’s about respecting and admiring each one of their clients. Through engaging their clients on bespoke tailoring, they want to spread the culture of learning, and not intimidation of “bespoke”. Of course, style is an extension of what’s inside. So getting the boys of The Sam Willows to be brand ambassadors is apt – it’s all about the “inside of them as well, their worth as a man, being focused, passionate and thoughtful in what they do in life.”

Details of The Gentleman’s Worth
Date: 24 Jan 2015
Time: 1pm & 4pm
Venue: Hotel Re!, 175A Chin Swee Rd
Ticket details here

Look out for the exclusive launch of Mr Gentleman’s new line of pocket squares at their event too!