Popspoken brings you daily dispatches from the 2014 Asia Fashion Exchange. Follow our daily blogs for off-the-wall (and maybe off-the-record) updates on the ins and outs of the fashion week, plus bits that most people will probably not get to see it. Because here, we bring you right to the meat of fashion. Provided fashion people actually do eat, in the first place.

On Day 2, Rubin Singer (the guy that designed Beyoncé’s show-stopper black leather outfit for the Super Bowl) will showcase his couture collection for all the A-listers to see. A new Audi car will also be revealed today.


Photo above with the one and only Prabal Gurung, with Audi Fashion Festival head Tjin Lee.

Some backstage snaps below:







Rubin Singer’s showcase is well underway. Everyone is liquored up, the main courses are done (fashion people do eat!), and Rebecca Corine Lam wins the Audi Young Designer Award. She also saved my life when my pants ripped backstage and she reached into her bag to pass me her sewing kit. So, she deserves TWO awards yesterday. And she’s still giggling uncontrollably at her win when we spoke to her after she got the additional $10,000 cash prize — she says she’s going to use it to pay her credit card bills and cost of putting together the collection. I’m sure she has enough left for a quick getaway.


Rubin’s collection is nothing short of exquisite. From his sculptural bustiers to scallop-tail dresses, nothing was spared in delivering the polished sheen and extravagance his collection oozes. The talk on lips of the insiders, however, was on his unfortunate investor incident but we can safely say his gorgeous design aesthetic has what it takes to lift his name out of the ashes. Expect Rubin to be a tai-tai staple — his designs are stocked at the Pois and enVie de Pois boutiques in Singapore.


At least he looks happy to be here.


All is done, people are packing up and we are speaking to insiders who oftentimes know the news before anyone does. Fashion show choreographer Daniel Boey revealed that he’s been commissioned to write a book — his 50th birthday is coming up. (And still looking so fab!) We also heard of a major radio shake-up coming soon — this one will definitely rock Twitter. Also, socialite Suzanna Kang was waxing lyrical on a blue Victoria Beckham dress and we caught two models waiting backstage for a rep so that they can get tickets to the Prabal Gurung afterparty. So much drama, so little time. (Wait till you see the gaggle of gays descend tomorrow…)

Oh yeah, a new Audi A8 car got launched. It costs S$534,000 for the Audi A8 4.0 TFSI, if you have that kind of money to blow.


Launching a car with an interpretive dance: that's the art of progress for you.

Launching a car with an interpretive dance: that’s the art of progress for you.

Check back for more dispatches tomorrow.

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