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On Day 5, the second days of Asia Fashion Summit and Blueprint continue while over at the tents at Orchard, Audi Fashion Festival burns up with the Audi Star Creation capsule collection showcase from last year’s winners, plus showings from Ong Shunmugam, Farah Khan and exhibit featuring jewellery by Curated Editions.


Some snaps at Blueprint from bag brands we loved: Taciccio and Roberta Pieri; the latter will show on May 17 with Malaysian hotshot Jonathan Liang.





After the headiness of the happenings at Suntec with AFS & Blueprint, we heed the call to head backstage at Audi Fashion Festival because that’s where all the fun begins.

Backstage snaps featuring the final brief for Audi Star Creation models, plus the Ong Shunmugam rack and hair and makeup for the Farah Khan show:


Vu Ta Linh, 27, Vietnam -- one of ASC's winners last year

Vu Ta Linh, 27, Vietnam — one of ASC’s winners last year












Fashion shows never start on time. But exactly at 5.45pm, the doors closed and the Audi Star Creation capsule collection well went underway, with Vu Ta Linh and Sun Yiqin bringing their 16-look collections down the runway. Vu Ta Linh mixed embroidered prints with a looser silhouette, feet planted firmly in the ground with the traditional Vietnamese ao dai.


Yiqin’s “Winter” collection was filled with brights, asymmetry and a chic take on the crop top, layered with a loose flower-print jacket with sleeves stretching past the hand. There was a sense of Raoul’s editing process over this — the one-year F J Benjamin internship certainly has influenced the collection’s edit.



Priscilla Shunmugam truly has been a lauded success story in Singapore fashion. Her designs are adored by many, her collection has gotten good buzz (and even a capsule collection with a Singapore museum) and her name is travelling faar and wide. Speaking to Vera Mao from blog Naked Glory, she believes that Priscilla’s success is due to her strong branding. She knows what is her key aesthetic, who her customers are, which stores will stock her designs.


Sure, she should have pushed the envelope more with her collection, but it definitely take a quantum leap with cape tops, panelled skirts and plenty of prints. Never forgetting her cheongsam look, Priscilla experiments with a clear sense of direction. A few more years? We’ll say Ong Shunmugam has already made it. Mark our words.



After hearing Farah Khan’s team backstage completely convincing us that her sequinned looks are wrinkle-free, stretchy and convenient to dress up in a jiffy after a dreary day at work, we were already in awe when the first look walked down the runway: a selection of jumpers with affirming messages that would make it onto any Tumblr page.



What we loved was how sleek the looks were: while the embroidery and patterns were definitely reminiscent of something a bit more oriental, layered necklaces and whimsical touches of bling and tassels are enough to elevate the collection to a whole other level of chic. For working gals on the go, Farah showed how easy it was to style up with just a few added touches — pop a collar here, throw on a jacket there and you’re ready to go.

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