2014 looks to be an exciting year for Popspoken and our readers, what with Art month, Music festivals and most recently being the official media partner for 7107! That’s not to say we are completely ignoring our fashion set…

We’ve been invited back to iD Dunedin XV this year and we are so stoked for that! Last year we picked the brain of a (mad, mad) Hatter and got to see some really impressive emerging talent. Established designers are a crowd favourite, but we all know everyone starts small and it’s great to observe emerging talents and how they start to establish themselves in the industry — if not for practical fashion business lessons then for celebrity obsessions.

Before we hit the runway this year, we thought we would have a chat with last year’s winner, Rakel Blom, a colourful, globetrotting, sewing machine toting and inspiring young designer. Rakel Blom talks about her life and label after clinching the top prize (and more accolades) last year, her runway show in Milan and her favourite fashion trend which is… well you’ll find out:

What have you been up to since iD Dunedin 2013?

Can’t believe it’s been a year, its gone by so fast!! After iD I moved to London where I started my own label Rakel Blom and that takes up most of my time. I also showed at Mittlemoda in Milan and now I’m working on my second collection for Rakel Blom.

How was starting out after iD for you? 

A lot of work and long hours, every day can be so different and often hard to plan your weeks as new things keep popping up but I like that. I have learned so much and there is still heaps more to come. I guess one of the main challenges was finding the right fabric supplier and printers since all my garments are printed. There was a great deal of stress and sleepless nights right before the launch of my first collection. So many things went wrong like e.g. fabric didn’t arrive on the time it was supposed to, some of it was wrong etc., but by going through all of that I learned a lot! I’m still getting help from friends around me which are amazing and I’m so grateful for them. With bits and pieces there is always plenty of work to be done and sometimes it feels like the To-Do List just gets longer and longer but it’s all very exciting so I’m absolutely not complaining as

I love every day of it!

Who is the Rakel Blom girl?

She is an awesome person who is definitely not afraid of colours and likes to have fun.


What was the driving inspiration behind your label?

To create fun, colourful, accessible and affordable clothing – just something a bit different!

What is your favourite fashion trend?

Hmm.. jumpsuits, onesies, dungarees, gold and glittery shoes, always have the biggest weak spot for them and of course colourful things, you can never wear to much colour.

What is your least favourite fashion trend?

Ummm there are few things I often have a hard time looking at, like too much denim and red trainers… sorry!

How would you describe your personal style?

Colourful, I definitely like to mix things up, gold, vintage…


What are your future plans for the label?

Keep going! At the moment I’m working on my next collection which I’m so excited about and will start posting more updates on that at www.facebook.com/rakelblom & www.rakelblom.com soon so stay tuned!

Any words of advice for this year’s emerging designers?

Haha, that’s so grown up to be giving advice but I guess first of all is have fun, get to know other emerging designers and always show other people’s work respect! iD is truly one of a kind and such a great event, there is so much to learn from! (And now I’m day dreaming about how much I would like to be there)

Have fun, get to know other emerging designers and always show other people’s work respect.

My web page is www.rakelblom.com and www.facebook.com/rakelblom

Photo credits to Rakel Blom.