Earlier this year, our Mastermind put out an article about endorsing the Popspoken world view. Cool, inspirational stuff, but what does it all mean, really? A part of it translates as us bringing the Popspoken lifestyle to you and letting you, our readers, get a slice of the Popspoken life.

We at Popspoken LOVE collabs so sometime in 2013 we were extremely excited to be able to work with Moment watches on funky Popspoken-branded time pieces (they’re not currently in mass production but stick with us and you might just get some).

We didn’t stop there.

This year we had the opportunity to collaborate with another local brand on a personalised Popspoken piece: TINKR.


TINKR is a creative studio made up of two (self-professed) “creative geek tinkr-ers” who have a passion for design and technology. These talented ladies bring ideas to life with customised concept 3D pieces.

Yup, 3D printing.

TINKR2 copyxx

Forgive me for being a complete neanderthal but the last time I held a 3D printed thing, my flatmate who does engineering printed a mini rifle with the 3D printer in his lab and I went ballistic with excitement. So you can probably imagine how I was, getting my own personalised 3D piece, to have and to hold to the end of my days.

Constructed by numbers, dates that matter to yourself or your loved ones, these geometry designs are unique and one-of-a-kind.

TINKR made us a super special Popspoken edition with our brand colours. The shape was an amalgamation of a special date and Popspoken itself. TINKR pieces are minimalistic, versatile and a statement on their own. We had fun with a mini style shoot with our piece where we layered it, left it (on its own) and loved it.

If you can dream it, we can print it.


Each piece costs $42, a really reasonable price considering no two pieces are the same and you get to commemorate something extra special with it. Which brings us to…


TINKR is collaborating with the Flower Library on this super special day of love, roses, chocolates and ridiculously expensive dinners. Planning an extra memorable Valentine’s but out of ideas? TINKR x Flower Library are offering you:

  • Flowers by the Flower Library
  • a TINKR piece (to commemorate your own special day)
  • a surprise serenade (no guarantees on how good the singing will be)
  • purchases of two items or more are entitled to 10 – 15% discount

Head on here for more info on how to make V-day even more spectacular for you and your loved one this year.


Image credit to TINKR

Hop on over to Naiise for a sweet selection of Valentine’s Day gifts too! Better get on it now, it’s 5 days to Valentine’s and your other half will be expecting more than just a kiss! We kid, we kid.

Images and creative direction credited to Joyce Quah (Fashion Editor, Popspoken).