Dragging your flabby festive hungover ass out of bed on January 2nd to kickstart your annual New Year resolution of getting fit and losing weight is harder than giving yourself a Brazilian. Part of that reason is because you always pick and prod at yourself when you worm into that racerback that you bought during the GSS and relegated it to a corner of your closet for “future use”, that somehow shrunk over the holidays (you swear you chose the right setting on the washer), and those pair of FBTs that reveal, literally, ALL.

But, you tell yourself, 2014 will be different, it will. be. better because you are going to make sure you finally lose those Christmas log cakes from your waist and New Year alc-alories jiggling from your thigh.

Well, it will be. Because getting fit in 2014 is about making YOU look better. Here are our favourite glam gym togs from The Outnet to motivate yourself to stay true to your New Year resolution and look absofabulous on the elliptical:


Gym togs from The Outnet
Shades from Gucci Techno Color Capsule Collection