Christmas is less than a month away! We at Popspoken love the festive season, really gets our cold and caustic hearts all warm and fuzzy. We also love making festive wishlists (and getting said wishlists ticked off, ahem) and interesting knick-knacks t0 add to our pile of other interesting thingamabobs from Christmases past; but Christmas isn’t just about receiving, it’s the season of giving and we all know gift-shopping is rarely a Naiise affair.

Naiise is a local online marketplace that serves as a platform for refreshing designs from Singapore and overseas that appeal to the rebel in you, whether you are the occasional insurgent that decides to go against the flow at whim or the all-out n0-gooder that loves to do and don the provocative, Naiise has something for you. Naiise is unconventional and provides great gift ideas if you’re banging your head trying to figure out what to get your non-compliant mate this festive season.


Our favorite pieces from Naiise pour femme

Naiise aims to “make design products, and the designers behind them, accessible to everyone”.


Our favorite pieces from Naiise pour homme

We love how Naiise has naiisely (pardon the puns) incorporated Singapore’s quirky colloquialisms in their catalog, we do adore platforms that support local talent and bring out the unique flavor of our little island.

We want to share our love for design, and educate people on how design can add tangible and intangible benefits to our lives, thus indirectly helping to make the local design scene and community flourish.

Because we at Popspoken are so naiise, Popspoken readers get an exclusive 5% discount on any item with no minimum spend! All you have to do is key in the code “PopspokenGives” and you’ll have more to save on your credit card. This oh-so-Naiise offer ends on the 31st of December so hurry up and get yourself and your loved ones some Naiise goodies this Christmas!