Founded in 2006 over a glass of champagne, luxury brand Honey Birdette first opened its stores in Australia and has since taken the world by storm. A-list celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Alicia Keys, Victoria Beckham and Rihanna all swear by the brand which not only offers lingerie, but also a wide array of stockings, shoes, jewellery, body lotions, candles and of course, perfume.

“Across the last decade, we have seen a development of women’s psyche and many are aware of both power and sensuality. Women in career or at home both possess the need to express themselves. Honey Birdette offers them a bolder and more sensual approach to lingerie aligned with their newfound confidence and sense for adventure.” Co-founder of Honey Birdette, Eloise Monaghan.

Supported by BB Retail Capital, the brand is undergoing rapid growth with 45 stores to be open globally over the next 12 months. Singapore will have its fair share of fun, as the first Honey Birdette store is slated to open locally in 2014.

Image credit: Andrew Maccoll

Sultry brunettes will be chosen as the brand’s signature ambassadors and their job is to evoke a sense of burlesque, nostalgia, sexiness in the top-notch fabrics and detailing of the lingerie.

How else to celebrate Honey Birdette’s grand arrival to Singapore, other than an extravagant private party upon a super yacht owned by Brett Blundy (BBRC’s Chairman)? The super yacht, Cloud 9, is furnished with jacuzzi facilities and it even has an in-house chef. Now, we can only wonder how cray the grand opening will be.

For more information on Honey Birdette check out their website here.

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