There’s plenty of reasons to get excited about Fide Fashion Week, and here’s another one which we’re sure has gotten many of you scrambling for tickets. After a hiatus of almost two years (yes, it’s been that long), Korean superstar Rain will be hitting our shores for Fide Fashion Week. It’s about time he returned as well — the singer’s last appearance in Singapore was back in 2011 for his ‘The Best’ Asia tour.

The singer will be appearing at MCM’s fashion show on 11th October, held at Marina Bay Sands and organised by Fide Fashion week. He’ll also be gracing the grand opening of the label’s flagship store at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.

Whilst we eagerly anticipate his arrival, here are some interesting facts you might not know about the singer (also known as Jung Ji-Hoon) to tide you over till his appearance this Friday.

 1. He’s been a man in uniform for the past two years

Rain military

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Just like our NS boys here in Singapore, Rain was drafted into the Korean military for 21 months of compulsory enlistment. This explains his extended hiatus from the entertainment scene since late 2011. The singer was even appointed as an honorary military ambassador, serving as a Public Relations agent in the Defence Media Agency. He looks pretty darn good in a uniform, we might add.

2. He’s had a difficult past, though that hasn’t held him back.

Rain 2

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Though the talented singer may be living a life that many can only dream about, he grew up poor during his childhood years. His family struggled as his father was forced to declare bankruptcy after his business folded.

Rain recalls there being days where they could not even afford food, and being evicted by their landlord due to their dire financial situation. The family’s situation got even worse when his mother was diagnosed with diabetes and eventually passed away in 2000. Despite these hardships, he remained undaunted, and worked long and hard to become the celebrity that he is today.

3.The singer’s dabbled in fashion design and even started his own label


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Whilst the singer is mostly known for his singing, acting and modelling, he briefly had a go in fashion design as well. The singer launched his very own clothing line, Six to Five, in December 2008. The label’s name was described by Rain as having a desire to attain a sixth sense on top of one’s original five senses, and featured items such as leather boots, tops and jacket during its launch. Though his line has no longer been continued, it’s pretty obvious that singer is truly a jack of all trades.

4. Hollywood hottie Megan Fox can be counted among his many die-fans


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We all know the Rain has always been in high demand in Hollywood. He’s starred in several high-profile films such as Speed Racer (2008) and Ninja Assassin (2009), both directed by well-known directing duo The Wachowskis.

What you might not know is that even Transformer star Megan Fox has openly declared her obsession with him, having previously mentioned him in several interviews back in 2009. The Hollywood actress gushed about his abs and descried him as a ‘Korean Justin Timberlake’. With the star’s talent and killer bod, we’re not surprised.

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