BAGS. Now we have your attention.

Everybody loves bags. People who say they don’t are either lying or 90% of the world’s straight male population because 72.4% of all statistics are made up on the spot.

Everybody has also heard of Celine. If you haven’t… well you have now. Or you would have seen someone carrying it but never realised (or cared) that it was a Celine bag.

We like Celine and we like that it’s at least more affordable than monogrammed LV or Gucci but it is starting to feel like Singapore’s bag selection needs a breath of fresh air. Economics, monopoly and ‘spoiling the market’ aside, let’s take a look at another brand that’s street versatile and also uncannily classy.

Saben is a New Zealand-based accessories brand that’s been around for 13 years. Popspoken visited their snazzy headquarters at the super eclectic and artsy-fartsy Auckland suburb of Ponsonby and we were given an exclusive sneak peek of their Winter 2014 collection. We loved it. But you won’t get to see it yet, at least not till early 2014 . #becausereasons #mediaperks

That being said, Saben does have a fabulous selection of versatile statement pieces from their whimsical Summer collection that can take you from the hottest pseudo-Summer weather to the barely freezing monsoon period in Singapore. Saben’s eclectic chic Summer 2013/14 collection looks forward to a futuristic world of magic with touches of sophistication and unconventional textures.

Here are 4 of our favorites!

The Orchard Collection


Newly launched this month, it is minimalist à la mode and comes in different colors to match your mood, nail color or shoes. We love how you can dress it up and down with virtually anything in your closet.

Purse Pets


For all your fairytale dreams of having a magical mouse that produces money. Also for those of you who missed out in childhood when you couldn’t keep pets at home because Singapore government reasons, neighbors and parents. Purse pets are super cute, handy and a great conversation topic.

The Oskar Collection


Guys, look no further because Saben has answered your prayers. You’ll want one of these (or all of them.) because it is a b**** to find a decent man-chel and guys are always bemoaning the lack of choices. You also want this because a guy who can work a leather man-senger bag is hot — ask your lady friends.


Closet clueless? Here’s how you can pull an Oskar.

Because we really love our fashion readers so much, here’s a sneak peek of a little collection that’s not in stores yet but will be launching in November! We’re really excited to have seen it before release and we know you will LOVE it too!

The Kick It Collection


This time baby I’ll be bullet-proof

We loved this collection because of the bullet-like studs that add a real kick to the posh, luxe leather texture. It’s a great way to amp up a simple silhouette and add an edge to your wardrobe.


Our Kick It Styleboard. Because it’s so simple and versatile, it goes with pretty much anything but we are diggin‘ the sporty luxe look this season and the leather piece adds a ton of attitude to cool-girl nonchalance

Great news is, although they don’t stock at any boutique outlets in Singapore yet, you can still shop Saben here — we asked and they do ship to Singapore! Also, a little Saben birdie told us that they may be coming to our little island soon! Totes excite.

Click through for a gallery of our little sneak peek at Saben: