Everyone in the fashion set has heard of/seen the Love, Bonito x Julien Fournie collab. We love collabs, we can’t stress this enough. Pitting two creative minds together in an enclosed space under time pressure and budget constraints is bound to create chaos/beauty and Fashion loves drama.

That being said, there’s been mixed reactions to the much anticipated power collab from ‘That was a pretty dress’ to ‘OMG I SAW THAT AT THIS FASHION’ (Harsh.), and everyone knows This Fashion isn’t fashion. #sorrynotsorry


Personally, I wasn’t opposed to the garments that they sent down the runway, Love, Bonito is, afterall, a blogshop. And, honestly, what did we expect? Julien Fournie’s fantabulous fabrications?


Julien Fournie’s A/W 2013 collection inspired by ‘a chocolate box‘: Because this is what a Love, Bonito girl wants to look like, right?

Nope. These are pieces that will be mass marketed and short of bling, exaggerated proportions and the things that come with couture, you wouldn’t want to purchase a non-RTW piece at a nonsensical price only to have it collect dust in your closet because of the weird stares you’ll get by non-fashion ‘others‘ if you were to don it outside of Halloween.

Let’s be realistic here.

I liked some of their pieces, I like that you can take some of their looks apart and switch it around — that gives you a multitude of options for your wardrobe. I hated some pieces as well and would never wear them, but you can’t expect to profusely love an entire collection. You are also probably shopping Love, Bonito right now (despite This Fashion quips) because it is so incredibly wearable and that is why it works. There’s a reason why ‘been there, seen that’ works commercially and looks ripped-off a lot of times, because street labels like TopShop and marketplaces like ASOS are churning out ‘original‘ prêt-à-porter pieces at a greater, more visible scale and everybody is wearing it.

I digress.


As we all know, runways aren’t just about designers showcasing their designs. A good collection is one that is able to wordlessly tell us a story of who you are as a designer/label. It is a collective creative concept that makes a good show and styling is important in sending a coherent message as well.

Obviously, an essential part of a harmonious look is hair. HAIR. Hair can elevate an entire outfit, that’s why we spend so much money and time at the salon and on hair products. But hair can also destroy a well put-together look. At Julien Fournie x Love, Bonito, we hated the hair. Horse-tails are so 2011. Or 2010. I can’t remember when I last saw horse-tails on a fashion runway but it sent a very confused message as to who the Bonito girl is and we felt it cheapened some of the more refined pieces (perhaps that’s why it went ‘This Fashion’).

A more relaxed ‘do might have made the collection more sophisticated and less Shinjuku for garments that already speak for themselves.

photo (4)

We liked this look at Ruffian S/S 2014 (LEFT). Natural, classic beauty would have accentuated and prettified Love, Bonito‘s more exquisite cocktail creations (RIGHT).

We thought the strappy stilettos were a nice touch, it is so on-trend right now and makes anything look delicately elegant. Shop similar here. Although they may have looked a little bare and simple on some pieces, it was a fair choice for uniformity.

Personally, we think the collection could have done without the strong rocker cat-eye, it did nothing for the face and felt tad out-of-place with Fournie x Bonito’s fun, feminine pop vibe. We liked how they kept the accessorizing low-key and minimalist, it kept the focus on the clothes.

But, HAIR.

All-in-all, it really wasn’t a bad collection. It didn’t wow us but we weren’t expecting to be blown away, although that would have been a pleasant surprise.

That being said, we are extremely proud of a local blogshop for making its mark in the fashion industry with an International collaboration. Coming from opposite ends of the fashion spectrum (one a local blogshop and the other an Internationally acclaimed couturier) the collection was a good compromise of commercial and creative backgrounds. Despite the strong International influence, we are glad the quintessential Bonito girl didn’t get lost in the couture capsule collection. Four for you, Love!

Photo credits to: Vogue UK, FIDe Fashion Weeks, StyleXStyle, HerWorld, Glamour & Project Runway GIFs.

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